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Swing Trading vs Day Trading

Rachel (REB_FX)
Sep 14 at 11:57
50 ieraksti
Thank you for your time to share this insight to your trading style.
I have long been considering the higher timeframe approach, and this has given me good food for thought!

Sep 14 at 13:06
363 ieraksti
And what, which option do you think is more profitable?

Sep 15 at 19:42
5 ieraksti
i do both if its required. its good to be flexible i believe. if im day traiding and its going against me ill hold and scalp it until it changes which could be a couple days. i only do this with one pair im happy wont go to far out my comfort zone. play comfortable. i had a trade go 3g against me last wk i scalped 2g off it and now its just about in profit.hope that helps woof

Sep 17 at 06:49
53 ieraksti
Day trading is better than swing trading. That’s what I think. However, which one a trader gets more value from depends on their skills, requirements, and preferences.

Sep 17 at 10:58
8 ieraksti
it all depends on how much time and $$$ you have. You need a big account to be a swing trader (but this has benefit of not taking up much time). A day trader is much more time intensive but has the advantage of requiring a much smaller account

Sep 17 at 11:35
15 ieraksti
Which is better suitable for beginners? Is it swing trading or day trading?

Sep 21 at 01:22
386 ieraksti
Aubrey22 posted:
Which is better suitable for beginners? Is it swing trading or day trading?

Swing trading is the best for beginner traders.

Sep 22 at 11:10
36 ieraksti
@Williamfreed but that one strategy doesn't work in all market conditions. My plan stays very simple. When the market is fluctuating a lot i adopt scalping strategy as it allows me to gain enough pips with regular ins and outs, and if the market is a bit steady i prefer swing trading it and hold the position for longer period of time.

Sep 23 at 13:27
28 ieraksti
Which has better chances of profit and is also flexible in time frames, Swing or Day trading?

Sep 26 at 00:17
386 ieraksti
I think swing trading is much better than day trading. However, each trader may have a different choice.

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