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Want help on choosing best forex trading training tool or course

yana hansen (78678676)
Aug 07 at 08:01
137 ieraksti
Start with BABYPIPS for the basics and then move on to Youtube for other courses on indicators and other tools.

Sep 06 at 15:55
667 ieraksti
I will choose YouTube for learning.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Oct 13 at 20:01
57 ieraksti
forextea posted:
Hi All,

I see there are lot of expert traders out here to help me choosing best Forex trading tools or course. Can someone guide how to get started? Here is what I am referring to at the moment can someone check out and guide me further?

Forex school
BabyPips school

Nov 24 at 08:04
22 ieraksti
I believe that you can start off from babypips school, because the information which they provide is full of details of trading activity which will definetely help you on your initial stages in trading. Of course, you can apply to other courses from forexpeacearmy for example, all of the are quite informative. Never forget that you have to learn by your own and train your skills on demo accounts, just because trainings will bring you much more experience than thepretical knowledge. Everything should be balanced in your case ad you will definetely understand everything

Nov 26 at 15:47
124 ieraksti
Still, what are the tips for free training options? please share

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