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What do you expect from a broker?

Mar 18 at 12:16
62 ieraksti
Because it is the amount of interest you pay the broker for each transaction, Whether or not your trading system is spread sensitive
Mar 19 at 11:56
939 ieraksti
Most often - everyone wants to get a quick profit without any problems.
Mar 20 at 11:47
801 ieraksti
Personally, I expect to be able to reach my potential. Profit for me will be a nice bonus
Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Mar 27 at 05:28
125 ieraksti
So far nothing major expectations from fxview but it would be really nice if they add more crypto funding options.
Jun 15 at 08:19
53 ieraksti
I'm a scalper trading with FP markets and my broker provides what a scalper expects, which is tight spreads that begin at 0.0 pips with lower slippage and commission costs.
Jun 15 at 11:52
706 ieraksti
i love the broker which first of al ensure security of funds and never restrict scalping.
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