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what pairs do you dislike most ?

May 24 at 19:16
446 ieraksti
ManUnitedBest posted:
GBPJPY - totally unpredictable! USDCHF and EURCHF - range bound and boring

I agree with you. I also dislike GBPJPY.

Jun 09 at 07:53
658 ieraksti
I dislike all non-major pairs in the market.

Jun 09 at 13:34
37 ieraksti
I find exotic pairs difficult to trade, and they are also are low in volatility when compared with major currency pairs.

Jun 10 at 07:37
46 ieraksti
So far, there is little experience to use currency pairs that are less popular for you, so which ones basically take what most trade

Aug 04 at 10:59
29 ieraksti
And you don't need to take a lot of currency pairs in order to trade 1 - 2 for a start it is enough

Aug 04 at 13:20
485 ieraksti
To be honest, I generally prefer to work only with those pairs that bring me profit. Let it be corny, but I do not like others corny.

Aug 05 at 04:35
41 ieraksti
It depends what is going on at the time so I cannot really pinpoint a particular pair. I try to avoid those with higher spreads though.

Sep 03 at 16:45
644 ieraksti
For me, I dislike NZDUSD. It is more volatile than other major pairs.

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