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Which pair do you use?

Mar 04 at 05:37
28 ieraksti
To keep my trading strategies simple, I always choose to trade one currency pair at a time so that I can use my time to analyse its historical data and predict future movements. Generally, I opt for liquid pairs to avoid volatility. USD/EUR is my all-time favourite currency pair to trade with.
Mar 04 at 12:58
801 ieraksti
Considering that the situation is changing too quickly now, it is even difficult to say which pairs are worth working with right now.
Mar 10 at 06:57
34 ieraksti
I Trade only EUR/USD currency pairs. The currencies euro and US dollar are from the world's major economies making the pair the most traded pair and having the highest liquidity and tight spreads.
Mar 10 at 07:28
15 ieraksti
Usually, I trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY. But before trading I carefully analyse the market conditions and trends. Like sometimes, based on trends and research, I find GBP/CHF a good pair to trade.
Mar 10 at 09:41
801 ieraksti
I use different pairs for work that can bring profit. I think that with the right approach, this will really be the right decision.
Mar 11 at 10:13
705 ieraksti
EUR/USD and GBP/USD is most usable trading pair. so traders should use it with no doubt.
Mar 11 at 11:37
939 ieraksti
I can use different pairs, depending on the market situation at the moment.
Mar 12 at 10:13
801 ieraksti
In my opinion, it makes sense to use couples that can now bring good results.
Mar 13 at 10:51
939 ieraksti
I usually use those pairs that can already bring good results.
Mar 18 at 08:48
705 ieraksti
now i am using some exotic pair in demo to see the performance how it works.
Mar 18 at 11:03
801 ieraksti
I think that you can use different pairs, depending on their attractiveness at the moment.
Mar 19 at 11:38
939 ieraksti
I prefer to use those pairs that can make a profit right now. I think that this option is the most correct.
Mar 20 at 10:44
532 ieraksti
mulyanaaugust posted:
GU is one of my favorite :)

Same here! Even, I get the maximum success ratio here (near about 80%)! On the other hand, I use mostly the major Forex pairs! I have a limited choice on trading pairs (near about 6 trading pairs)!
Mar 20 at 11:43
801 ieraksti
I can use different pairs to work. The key indicator for me is the profitability of this or me pair
Mar 21 at 07:36
36 ieraksti
I prefer trading EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD.
Mar 21 at 10:36
9 ieraksti
I like to follow news for EUR, GBP, USD which means that I can trade EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP
Mar 22 at 09:09
37 ieraksti
I trade using the EURUSD currency pair since it has higher liquidity compared to other currency pairs and my broker, FP Markets, spreads average at 0.0 pips in EURUSD for most parts of the day.
Mar 24 at 07:51
23 ieraksti
Mar 27 at 06:11
3 ieraksti
Anking69 posted:
What currency pairs are your favorite when you trade Forex? I prefer EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. The first is very popular, and therefore fairly predictable, while GBP/JPY has a very high Intraday volatility, which allows you to earn many pips.
What do you say?

I all time love EUR/USD pair.
Mar 27 at 12:45
10 ieraksti
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