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Activity Tab vote results

Vai jums patīk šis ieteikums?


Nov 26 2015 at 08:43
395 ieraksti
How to navigate to the activity page - -
I typed it in because I remembered the url after not finding an actual button to go there.

Can this be improved? Can we get an actual Activity Tab within the Setting( click on setting under profile name).
Or did I miss something?

Ethan (Staff)
Nov 26 2015 at 08:44
1398 ieraksti
Hello Frank,

You can find the 'Activity' page by clicking on the 'Activity' tab at the top right of the page and clicking 'All Activity'.

Myfxbook support.

Nov 27 2015 at 09:40
395 ieraksti
Thank you very much, I am not sure how I missed the Activity text/url on top of page.

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