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Accelerated Savings - Alpha 4.5 (by kickasstrader)

Pieaugums: -18.48%
Kritums (Drawdown): 58.90%
Pipi: 3229.1
Darījumi: 3623
Tips: Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:300
Tirdzniecība: Automatizētā
David A Sievers (kickasstrader)
Jan 13 at 04:28
18 ieraksti

AlphaPro 4.7 is now out and I am running it on my accounts. Here's what I will say, you must activate the equity protection features and have a solid equity protection strategy. I now have this in place.

If you want to check it out, I would recommend trying it for a month on a demo. Here's my link if you want to do that for one account. Hit me up to get help with the setup if you do decide to try it.

Live the life you love
Jan 13 at 10:08
123 ieraksti
I dont think so, why would anyone be interested in a losing account with 93% draw down ??

Feb 05 at 03:56
18 ieraksti
Pretty impressive system you have here. Thanks for sharing.

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