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IC Markets Follower 2 High Risk (By SmartForexExpert )

Lietotājs nav vēlējies publicēt savu stratēģiju.


SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Dec 29 2020 at 10:25
87 ieraksti
The USGFX follower account was running different strategies to the IC Markets Master account in July, and was not copying the trades from the Master account directly at the time. It was running actual Smart Forex Expert EAs on its own MT4 platform.

If you compare the trades on the same day you can see they were vastly different. The 2 accounts did get the same GBPAUD entry by the same EA, but on the Master account it managed to close at break-even, whereas on the follower account the EA did not close the trade until much later - possibly due to a different price feed.

What didn't help the loss was the fact that the USGFX account was using much much higher risk - it was trading 0.5 Lot on $2K balance compared to IC Markets trading 2.13 Lot on $85K balance at that time.

Again, the followers are free to do whatever they want with their own accounts, and it is beyond our control if they decide to use a much higher risk than the Master account...😕


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