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Simplex Transceiver MAM

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


May 19 at 12:25
245 ieraksti
@carolbower you are free to trade and keep your risk into your comfort zone.
for more details about our trading systems please join one of the PAMM's fx managed accounts. You can choose between low or medium risk trading setups. In this way you'll no need to trade and take inappropriate risk decisions on your money. Or you can replicate this trading account on signalstartat and setup your own risk levels.

For more details about our work, feel free to join the telegram group or get in touch in private to get you settled.

Youtube: -> []

Enjoy your profit$,
SimplexFx Team


May 26 at 16:11
4 ieraksti
Nice looking charts. can you teach this strategy?
fx trading must be an art before it is an investment ... i like it how it go's

May 29 at 11:08
245 ieraksti
@tillman no, we do not teach, not selling or rent any magic EA's, courses or brilliant quick rich schemes formula. We are in the trading business 100%.

The main focus is to trade our and client funds/money to make stable profits. Of course along the road we have ups and downs, but in the end experience, patience and discipline will give us the best strategy to make more profits for us and them.

All the best,
SumplexFx Team


NuriA Saint (kate128)
Jun 12 at 10:23
5 ieraksti
Overall, your systems looks great. I hope you can add some features and details to share it here asap. Thanks

Jun 16 at 19:13
245 ieraksti
@kate128 you can follow us on twitter or you can join the telegram group. Also now you have the possibility to invest into one of the managed fx PAMM accounts under certain conditions.

All the best,
SAimplexFx Team

Jul 13 at 11:43
3 ieraksti
hey how can i give a good amount of $ cash to be managed applying this strategy?

Jul 14 at 20:34
245 ieraksti
@zornak_farell just follow the proper link in the description tab and made those steps then PM us.

All the best,
SimplexFx Team

Jul 31 at 00:38
245 ieraksti
Built by Investors for Investors. An Evolved & Superior Trading System for Alternative Investing!
STATISTICS: JULY 2021 (end trading month)
12.62% -➢ INFiNiTY on MT5
5.52% -➢ MEDiUM _ LR #Risk Millennium
4.56% -➢ HiGH Risk Transceiver
3.56% -➢ MEDiUM Risk Continuum on MT4
2.71% -➢ LOW Risk Infinity
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ROLA DOKEE (dokeety)
Aug 06 at 21:59
2 ieraksti
hey, could you please send here your last results ? thankx

Aug 08 at 16:39
245 ieraksti
@dokeety more than myfxbook stats what do you expect ? is fair enough to follow monthly profit, history trades on any real trading system.

Live & Real Fx Accounts 100% -➢

Enjoy your profit$

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