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Smart Forex Expert MAM (Low Risk) (stopped) (By SmartForexExpert )

Pieaugums +4.19%
Kritums (Drawdown) 6.59%
Pipi: 513493.5
Darījumi 1058
Tips Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:500
Tirdzniecība Automatizētā


Aug 15 2020 at 10:18
38 ieraksti
I found some SFE long term results. Should be considered before using this.


SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Aug 15 2020 at 10:35
87 ieraksti
Hi Wolfgang,

You must be another one from Forex21’s gang. Welcome and I won’t ban you like Forex21 did to me.😉

That is only one of the SFE EAs trading over a limited period. The SFE EAs trade long term strategies and it’s not unusual to have several months of stagnation on a single strategy. By running multiple SFE strategies the stagnation can be significantly reduced, which is what we have done with our signals.

You can also check the developer’s profile - some EAs have up to 5 years of history now and are still profitable to this day:

I think you can stop attacking us now because the more your attack us, the more silly you look.😄

Aug 21 2020 at 13:48
416 ieraksti
SFETrading posted:
 Welcome and I won’t ban you like Forex21 did to me.😉

1) You posted a screenshot from somebodies account and made it look like that the account belongs to me. That's why I banned you.
2) Consistently negative results for 3 years and a few months stagnation are two different things.
3) Wolfgang is a client of mine, a skilled trader and decent human being. There is a lot you can learn from him.

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Aug 23 2020 at 05:08
87 ieraksti
Well I just pointed out what I felt looked a bit dodgy. You are welcome to have your own theory and people can decide for themselves if your explanation makes sense or not.

I didn’t ban you or other people who questioned my system and I took time to explain how I traded my personal accounts, which made over $330K in 4 years. Similarly, people can decide for themselves whether they believe it or not.

Good luck to your trading and I don’t have any ill feelings towards you. However I think it would be much more convincing if you can use a real account rather than demo for your “ProFx 7 - Day Trade“ account. 😄

Sep 28 2020 at 06:15
15 ieraksti
-1.81% after more than 350 trades. I am very happy that I did not fall for your sweet talk and allowed you to trade my account.

Investors be careful. Jimmy and Stefanos are good at marketing but have no clue about trading.

Stay away!

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Sep 28 2020 at 07:49
87 ieraksti
Well if you can’t tolerate having no profit for 6 months then you certainly don’t have a long term view about trading, so our system is clearly not for you. You can come back in another 6 months and see where the account is sitting at. 😄

Sep 29 2020 at 07:40
38 ieraksti
Stefanos account shows consistent losses since 2018. Time to update those moving average settings?

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Sep 29 2020 at 08:40
87 ieraksti
Wolfgang posted:
Stefanos account shows consistent losses since 2018. Time to update those moving average settings?

His account runs SFE Price Action which has been in stagnation since 2017-2018, but the offical accoutant still has over 400% gain since inception:

It is true that the market has been unfavourable for momentum based EAs for the last 2-3 years, but their time will come. We just need to be patient and wait for the market to become favourable again.

As I said, we focus on long term growth and the results may take a few years to become apparent. If people are not ready to invest for the long term then they should not use our system, and they are welcome to find other systems instead. But from what I’ve seen over the years, it is very rare for most systems to even survive more than 2-3 years. 😄

Oct 06 2020 at 17:36
28 ieraksti
Expectancy: -93.0 Pips

A system what enters at the beginning of the NY session a buy or sell trade based on a random machine with a SL of 50 pips and a TP of 100 pips would trade better than this. 😄

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Oct 07 2020 at 09:32
87 ieraksti
Any system can have a winning streak in the short term, but we shall see who will last the distance.

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