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Main Features of FXRapidEA
- Highly profitable
- Trades rapidly
- Does not trade against the trend
- Compatible with all brokers

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Reģistrēts Nov 07 2018 at 21:20

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Vārds Pieaugums Kritums (Drawdown) Pipi Tirdzniecība Kredīta plecs Tips
FXRapidEA_DUE 910.12% 56.49% 1232.2 Automatizētā - Reāls
FXRapidEA_QUATTRO 785.89% 41.79% 629.7 Automatizētā - Reāls
Mike Iseminger
MikeIseminger Mar 23 at 02:25
I see that you posted a problem with NSDUSD with FXRapidEA_Due. Does FXRapidEA_QUATTRO have the same programming issue with NZDUSD? And if so, have either of them been resolved? I'm looking to purchase and test QUATTRO and if NZDUSD is still "broken", I will just trade the other 3 currencies. Thanks.
avengethis1 Oct 30 2020 at 15:44
Just bought Quattro yesterday and already 3 profitable trades! looks like this might be the EA ive been looking for.
femiadams Jan 03 at 08:07
femiadams Jan 03 at 08:08
Your results please not just empty talk s
rezakhan_fx May 05 2020 at 15:28
Looks good !
femiadams Jan 03 at 08:09