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Kopējais vērtējums: 2.2 / 5

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Apr 29 2010 at 12:55
4 ieraksti
Don't use this broker!!!
Execution delay about 3sec is VERY bad for you. Almost spreads are from 1 to 5.
Deposit is fast. withdrawal slow. customer support open 3days in a week, open a few hours in a day. Hard to connect to OP.

And my Account blocked, because balance is double in a week.
I never saw like this broker. This broker SCAM!

JKeeth (JKeeth)
Apr 29 2010 at 19:55
16 ieraksti
Mr. Khara (Zealot),

My name is Javier, and i am the official representative of FIG Solutions Limited Inc. (aka, FIGfx Brokers).

First, our spreads are 1 pip FIXED, at all times. Next time when you want to accuse a broker of doing something bad, try targeting something more hidden in their policies; Lying about their spreads which is usually advertised on the first page will only make your review less trustworthy.

Second, a 3sec execution time is not bad IMHO. Even on the most advanced bridges, people connecting from Japan like yourself might experience such delays. Add to this the fact that you are using a 'script-kiddy-written' EA that does not even wait an order to be opened before sending the close order request.

As for the deposit and withdrawal, please be kind to spend a minute reading your terminal's internal mail where you will amazingly find an explained schedule of how our payments and backoffice departments work. Deposits from 09:00 until 17:00 CET and withdrawals from 17:00 until 19:00 CET (Mon-Fri).

Customer support is a different issue that i will not argue about, it is stated on our website that you can connect anytime between 09:00 CET and 17:00 CET, which seems to be a little confusing for your timezone. You should have sent an email for example or read the instructions at where it clearly how and when to connect.

And finally, your blocked account :)
After sending you 8 notifications to stop using the forbidden EA, you left us no choice but to block your account. Again, i strongly recommend to get introduced to the mailing tab in your MT4 terminal, all brokers including FIG use that to send notifications and alerts to traders. The possibility/fact that you did not read all those alerts, is not something you can blame us of.

Doubling, tripling or whatever you do with an account has nothing to do with it's status. There are plenty of traders making much more money trading decently with FIG and they never faced any problems.

Have a nice day

It's better to leave than to be left behind
gaban13 (gaban13)
May 27 2010 at 12:47
68 ieraksti
so far i have no problem with figfx..all transaction are manually done by backoffice so take sometime to process it.doesn't matter about that as long as i can make withdrawal 😄 i lkie their 1 pip spread

JKeeth (JKeeth)
May 27 2010 at 15:56
16 ieraksti
Thank you Mr. Rizal,

We are very happy to see you here on myFXBook, and even happier to see that you share the good experience.

The backoffice -as you stated- processes the majority of financial operations manually. We have strong believes that by manually checking each transaction, our system will be -hopefully- error-free.

At all stages, our top priority is customer satisfaction. We always try to follow-up with each individual issue, and always try our best to earn everybody's satisfaction. Please, feel free to contact us anytime in case any issues arise, we will be glad to help.

Have a nice day \ Javier

It's better to leave than to be left behind
Elkart (Elkart)
May 27 2010 at 16:11
941 ieraksti
Nice - A broker going after his client, unhappy or not. Real pro....😉

Javier, let your other clients defend you. If you defend yourself looks a bit lack of experience-y and like you don't have much else to do, which means no clients, or you're the designated bad press handler.

Neither is desirable.

JKeeth (JKeeth)
Jun 04 2010 at 23:05
16 ieraksti
Deal Elkart,

In the forex field, there is something very well known to PROs called black PR.
Companies, usually have paid people that are visiting every possible resource and leaving bad reviews about whatever possible. To make sure FIG is not attacked using these methods, we always have someone following-up with our clients and reviewers online.

Go visit some forums, see what broker representatives are doing to each other publicly - you will be amazed. :)

It's better to leave than to be left behind
Jun 13 2010 at 10:15
3 ieraksti
Hi Javier,

I am the owner of FigFx account 103714
I appreciate the zeal with which you are carrying out your job defending and promoting you company, however you need to be properly briefed by your employers on their real modus operadi. Why do I say this? Your assertions here are at variance with the experience I am currently going through with your dealing desk/back office/support or whoever is responsible for correcting errors.

I have an on going issue (over a week) which has not been resolved, neither have your people deemed it fit after four reminder mails to acknowledge (even for the courtesy of it) that someone is attending to my complaints.

I am not one that is given to catching suspects by the elbow and will not assume that your establishment has scam/fraud tendencies.

Kindly liaise with your people and encourage them to do the needful.

JKeeth (JKeeth)
Jun 13 2010 at 18:50
16 ieraksti
Kakaki posted:
Kindly liaise with your people and encourage them to do the needful.

Hello Kakaki,

Thank you for the above notification. I personally have not heard anything from our team about a stuck issue with the mentioned account. I would strongly suggest you send an email to describing your issue, and any other information that might get us moving faster. Alternatively, you can contact our live support tomorrow (Monday) after 09:00 CET and talk to an online representative, If you manage to make that live support call around 11:00 CET, I will be there already and you can ask to talk to Javier directly.

From what I see, your account is enabled, active, verified and also have funds. Please enlighten me where the problem is and I will be glad to help you solving that.

Thank you and have a nice day

It's better to leave than to be left behind
WhyLose (WhyLose)
Jun 13 2010 at 20:21
102 ieraksti
I like the Arthemia theme for your site. I use it myself on a couple of blogs. You should get rid of the scroll bar at the top - spoils the flow IMO. Chrome browser.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
WhyLose (WhyLose)
Jun 13 2010 at 20:44
102 ieraksti
I just noticed from your twitter account that you have an office in Cyprus.

What's your CySEC CIF number please? I can't seem to find you on the list at but I know that's not updated often.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
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