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1415 ieraksti
MT4 broker requotes are sometimes a sign that the broker is using the broker side plugin to interfere with your trading.
They won't fix it as it is them that are doing it in the first place.

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
34 ieraksti
Hi all....
i've been 3 years using this broker....i don't have many problem with them...Deposit & Withdawal proccess are good.
But the ony problem insta oftenly requotes...Hopefully insta will fix it soon...

423 ieraksti
hi victor,

You not get paid by instaforex?

83 ieraksti
instaforex...prime4x ..the same thing. why should you 'verify' you account when making a withdrawal. wasnt enough verification done when opening the account ? fucking scams..looking for a reason not to pay clients !
winning isnt victory and losing isnt defeat.
205 ieraksti
Hi guys.

I think most problems with reqoutes can be solved by having a VPS located close to your preferred brokers server. Instaforex's servers are placed in Singapore (2 datacenters) and USA (5 datacenters).

Get the IP address of the servers and ping them, some VPS-hosts provide ping-times to various brokers servers as well.

From my position (Denmark) my pingtimes to Instaforex servers are: 166 37 167

In my case, no need for VPS, I think <40ms is adequate for forextrading.


Always get cashback -
2 ieraksti
well guys I am using instforex for some time now real accounts. I also withdrawn two times via money bookers and via leberty reserve. No problems so far. And no I am not talking about 5$ small withdraws big once. Yes there is some requoting issues but most brokers have those. If you really do not want have slippange or requoting try I work with them since 2007 and never had any issues. As I said if you look at the peace army reviews most pple calling company scam and not on ly this one but saxo bank for example LOL acm fxsol and others big companires. Now most of this pple come from india, nigeria etc. As i said mostly the attitude of ' let's get in forex and get loaded' will get you loosing money no matter what broker you are using. And some people call them selfs traders. Well I would like to clarify difference between traders and those who trying to trade.

When some one go to colledge for at least 4 years geting degree and basic fundamentals over what financial market is all about, and then spend few years as training staff and then start to wet their feet in the markets. Those are traders. Those who think siting on the exotic beach with laptop and wearing trunks and drinking coctails are gamblers. Most of the winning pple who say I lost money because broker is bad bla bla ba... well guys take your time to educate your selfs and actualy know what the heck you are doing beside reading some forums and bet ... 'let's sell' and yell infornt of the pc 'fall fall fall!' this is not beting on the horse thingy. so if you see these ' I wana be rich' fellows posting on evry site 'scamm this scamm that' just ignore them and try your self. For example in instaforex mini acounts you can even trade 1$. Well deposit one dollar and see your self. I mean if you loose one buck from bad bad broker lol I do not think you will have that much financial problem
38 ieraksti
Hello SIM,

i think the most only problem is that the traders are not verified and so they have problems to get back their money.

Because instaforex didn´t tell anybody that they must verify their accounts. and when you want to withdraw your money from your account without being verified so nothing happens. They didn´t tell anything about it. If you ask the supportthey will tell you that you must send your passport and a bill that legitimates the withdraw. thats international anti money landry law.

we have that law since 2001 i think. An if you have problems to get your money don´t hesitate to contact the support of instaforex, they will help you.

I have many affiliate accounts and the most of the people i know and nobody has a problem until now to get back their money.
423 ieraksti
ok, thanks for sharing. I have quite alot of funds with this broker. That is why i want to know what other people is going on with this broker.

38 ieraksti

by myself not in the last two month but a friend of mine has withdrawed over 2000 euro in the last days. With no problem.

And yes that website i know about. If you really win money with forex so you will bea payout but the most people didn´t understand why they loose money at forex. And every time i withdraw money at instaforex it my moneybookers account will be credited within 12 hours.

i think that the most people they trade at instaforex didn´t verify itself. So they did not pay that people. But thats the same situation at every other broker.

423 ieraksti
Hi Snoopy,

Did you withdraw money from Instaforex since these 2 months? Please share.

38 ieraksti

i don´t know where you have get your infos about scam broker or not.
it might be that there are ever dissatisfied user at every broker. so i can say that i am use this broker a longer time and the will be never problems with them.

All payments are made fast and correct. The support might be better since my last post :-)
423 ieraksti
Hi guys,

Recently Instaforex being rated as scam broker.

May i know any members here have bad experience with Instaforex?

2 ieraksti
I would like to say that this broker is quite new. Yet they offer services and options that no other broker have done till today especialy with pamm live moneitoring and ability for traders and investors exchange work together. Yes I herd alot of pple say broker is bad because they lost money. In which case I will say this. I am full time broker since 2007 and worked/work still with ac-markets and saxobank. The reality is most of the pple who loose money blame broker ' it was not me who screwed up, it was broker'. Alose i saw alot of pple from india, pakistan, nigeria etc post that broker is slow and bad, in which case guys maybe it is some ISP quality issues as well? And I think we all sick and tiered readng such redicules posts as all of us who actualy trading full time can see the difference of broker issue and our own fails. They already upgraded from 2 servers to 5 to decrease over load which makes them one of the few brokers with 5 servers. never the less they are working their way out and so far beside some requotes I had no issues with them.
3 ieraksti
Good broker. Arranging contests in every week. I already withdraw payments for over 50 times and every time within 8 hours.

I am not facing any bad issues. Everything looks nice. Re-quotes are okay but order time can be more faster.
6 ieraksti
double post, sorry guys ..
6 ieraksti
I've been using this broker for one month. This is my second broker. Good broker, low & fixed spreads.
Requote is normal, just like others online broker. Withdrawal via my IB within one bussines day.
Yes, I agree the customer service might be better.
423 ieraksti
i am using this broker since last 2 years. Everything is good. Not much problems.

38 ieraksti
i will say i use this broker since last year and its my second broker i am using.
good broker, low spreads, fast online withdrawal. yes customer service might be better.
but i am very pleased with this broker over all.
14 ieraksti
The server send order speed is too slow.
6 ieraksti
very bad broker.
has a very requite. low server.
if u want to check my speaks, I can send my user and password to check my account.
[email protected]
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