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Now Bitcoin Price is 10,000$+ . What do you think?

Jul 25 at 07:04
128 postów
If everything is calculated correctly then the result will certainly be good.

Aug 21 at 10:27
2 postów
Now bitcoin costs 50 thousand dollars, so it is becoming more and more relevant to start investing in cryptocurrency. Although, I know people who, on the contrary, say that you need to invest in cryptocurrencies that are inexpensive so that in the future, they will rise in price and thereby bring you a lot of money. I don't know whether I should invest money in this cryptocurrency or wait and save money to buy bitcoin.

Sep 06 at 12:22
26 postów
@Annalonco many people regret not investing in btc earlier when it was less than 10k and now its on the verge of surpassing the 50k mark. But you can always go for projects that have been showing great potential, like recently I researched about ADA and learnt that they are releasing smart contracts which is a very big deal for a cryptocurrency and hence it triggered me so i bought some 16 ada at less than 2 dollars and now in like 30 days its current price is more than two dollars . See my point is that if you research and strategize your investment it will always be fruitful. Yes you can wait and save for btc but always keep an eye on other potential alt coins.

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