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Whats your opinion on the most important aspects of a trading system

Mar 03 at 17:52
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Trusting yourself, trusting YOUR plan

Mar 04 at 11:07
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philipsimmions posted:
Trading strategies are important to work upon. Your whole trade depends on how you strategize it.

Can’t agree less to this. Strategies are the most important part of trading plans. Many beginners get confused when it comes to making strategies and some don’t even want to put their little time in building it. I took a lot of time making one and that is the reason why I am earning a decent amount. Fxview and Etoro also have the feature of automated trading so you’ll be easily able to work upon your strategies.

Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
Jul 02 at 07:12
10 postów
I scoured through many strategies, so much disappointment that it was not for me that I grew very frustrated, every pic was a loser. Today I trade 9% winners and am very happy I took years of practice and put in the blood and sweat to be who I am today. My strategy is taking an already successful winning strategy that was around 60% to 80% correct to a high 92-96% correct winning strategy. I fine-tuned it so well I remove my stop losses. (DO NOT FOLLOW THIS AS ADVICE) I have done the exact trade so many times that I know when it will break a certain threshold or not. I now have my first student who went from losing everything o now being able to pay her bills. She told me she has yet to lose one trade with me.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Jul 14 at 11:45
87 postów
Money management, risk management, entry and exit strategies, as well as a market analysis strategy are integral components of the system. It will not exist without them. Everything should work perfectly and everything is interconnected. It is impossible to say which is more important.
If you need to evaluate the performance of your strategy after the test, pay attention to the number of consecutive losing trades, identify the weak points of the system, look at the maximum drawdown and relative drawdown.

Jul 27 at 14:29
41 postów
Risk management is always very important. So is money management. You also need to combine analysis methods that can allow you to choose good entry and exit points.

Terentius (Siomo)
Jul 28 at 10:48
19 postów
The consistency with no deep dd and risky trades. If you are able to make 1$ per day, each day during the month, yes, it's a little return, but stable. And with larger lot size you will make 1000 dollars per day, each day during the month.

Jul 30 at 10:56
9 postów
Consistency is everything because it gives you the confidence to risk more with the system. If a system has huge DD then you are not going to dare risk any significant money on that

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 18 at 08:17
38 postów
I will always put stability in the first place.
Second is spread.
Third is rebate.

My job is to compare broker to broker for those who consult me and give out the best option for them.... So i know much how the brokers work... contact me if u feel doubted

Terentius (Siomo)
Aug 19 at 11:30
19 postów
The spread in medium and long term trading is not a critical point, but the system stability

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 31 at 02:10
38 postów
I will say slippage and system stability are the most important things for mid-long term trading. Spread can be just neglected
For short term, spread and slippage.

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