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To be a gainer

Jan 21 at 05:42
80 postów
To be a gainer, one must be a learner. Success will not come overnight, constant hard work and determination can only lead you to the right path.

Jan 22 at 07:00
78 postów
You will only gain in the forex market after acquiring proper knowledge, skill set and discipline. You must devote time for learning and then only can make an apt strategy for trading.

Feb 08 at 05:03
20 postów
Exactly! Knowledge is the key for trading well. Without it, there is no chance for a trader to make any money in the market.

Feb 08 at 05:53
102 postów
To be a gainer here, one must be a great learner and be able to apply his/her knowledge is doing the best in the market. The market conditions change for all, volatility affects all, but who win are the ones who are able to manage the market conditions well, as per their plans, skills and knowledge.

Feb 08 at 07:26
41 postów
Knowledge, skills, patience and a good plan. These I think are the must have factors to gain through forex.

Feb 11 at 09:28
48 postów
To be a gainer, you must have experienced the failures also. As a trader you must have seen both sides. Try to acquire new skills for trading successfully.

Feb 12 at 06:09
40 postów
When certain experience comes to us, we develop our own trading rules that relate specifically to our character from our trading system

Feb 12 at 11:45
33 postów
It’s true that knowledge is the key, but to have success, you must be consistent throughout the journey.

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