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Emotion in Forex trading

Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 03 2022 at 23:45
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Trading forex under emotional pressure usually will face so many hurdles, emotion in trading should to eliminated to work properly running plan trading based on preference. Maybe not be easy for emotional traders, but in trading, this is very important to keep calm minds and use minds to work.
Nov 25 2022 at 08:12
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As the market is uncertain, many traders want quick profits. And due to this, their trading emotions are not as aligned as they should be. That is why they fail.
Jan 02 at 07:55
22 postów
Emotions are a natural occurrence while trading but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about them. It would take experience and time for you to understand the influence of your emotions on your trades.
Jan 03 at 08:06
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Wrong innovation should be stopped because it will cause you no benefit but will destroy you ultimately. You can work in group to get benefited.
Jan 04 at 06:39
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Emotion can have a significant impact on trading, as it can influence decision making and risk taking. It is important for traders to try to remain objective and not let their emotions drive their trades, as this can lead to impulsive decisions that may not be based on logical analysis. In order to be successful, it is essential for traders to develop strategies to manage their emotions and make rational, informed decisions.
Jan 06 at 10:27
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this is a good informative post , thanks for your nice reply.
Jan 07 at 10:57
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Emotions are part of life. Our ability to control them that is what really counts whether in forex or other areas of life.
Jan 09 at 04:50
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Yes, Forex can be a good investment for you if you take decisions based on your mind, not your emotion. Forex and emotion can’t be kept together because Forex is such a place where a wrong decision can make you suffer.
And emotion inspires traders to take the wrong decision.
Jan 10 at 02:41
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Yes forex is a new way of life so keep struggling to achieve the market. It will give you a great feedback.
Jan 10 at 11:16
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Getting emotional is natural because real money is involved but here’s where you need to work as a trader. You need to develop emotional restraint and see trading as a business. This is why it is always advised not to invest the money you can’t afford to lose. Developing the right trading psychology takes time so be patient.
Jan 12 at 08:34
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Emotions are a natural part of our intellect that makes us human. We just need to figure out a way to make it worth it and use it to our advantage to bring in profit returns.
Jan 12 at 18:08
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It is important for yourself to understand that emotions most often have an extremely negative effect on the result. This is important to keep in mind while working in order to achieve the desired results.
Jan 18 at 17:32
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Emotions are probably the most dangerous thing that can affect a trader. Against this background, a trader can make extremely wrong decisions.
Jan 19 at 04:11
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emotions is vary natural , no way to stop but it can be controlled by good mindset.
Jan 19 at 10:22
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Tradelist45 posted:
emotions is vary natural , no way to stop but it can be controlled by good mindset.
Can you share some tips and tricks to control emotions? 
Jan 19 at 11:26
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Emotions can play a significant role in Forex trading, as they can influence a trader's decision-making and risk management. Some common emotions experienced by Forex traders include fear, greed, and hope.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 22 at 22:47
433 postów
Tradelist45 posted:
emotions is vary natural, no way to stop but it can be controlled by good mindset.
Emotion is human nature, not only traders, a child already have emotions in their minds, and when you take their toys possibly makes them emotional, trader actually don't want to lose money in trading, but because loss is part in trading so want to not trader need accept the loss as risk trading.
Jan 23 at 08:18
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Fear and greed are two common emotions that can negatively impact a trader's performance. To avoid the negative effects of emotions in trading, traders should develop a solid trading plan and stick to it, as well as regularly review their performance and make adjustments as needed.
Jan 23 at 08:29
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You should stop acting on anger while trading. With small changes, emotions could be controlled.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 24 at 01:00
433 postów
Emotions always become an enemy that appears from our own selves, indeed as human nature we have emotions, however without good control over emotions, hence will mess up an overall trading plan, we need discipline in trading and avoid emotions like as greed, anxiety, fear, etc.
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