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Profit target?

Aug 05 at 07:34
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@LukeRachel Yes profit target is needed. But many traders have unrealistic profit target. Profit target should match our skills and experience.

Sep 12 at 13:40
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Well, if there is no goal in trading, such as profit, then what could be the goal?

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Sep 14 at 11:05
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islandrock posted:

That is a lot information to analyse. How do you process all that and come up with an actual price for the TP

I rarely trade short-term, and rarely enter trades during news moves. Therefore, I have time to do the necessary analysis. I have a trading system that works clearly and most of the analysis I perform long before the trade opening, during the preparation and determination of probable entry points.

Sep 15 at 20:13
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Profit target is a sheer subjective thing and it depends on many different factors like trading strategy, trader's activity and their approach to the markets and trading, it also depends on the lot size and trading budget. Like people with huge budget can afford making 10 pips per day and feel fine with that, while others, whose deposit sizes are small, need to make more deals and thus risk more in order to make more pips.

Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 15 at 23:43
168 postów
Usually, you will felt regret if set too large a target, in analysis maybe will face where your confidence leading to set larger target due to support and resistance zone level still far, but actually, the market is dynamic and a small target will easier to reach than the large target, so trader also need to learn how to set best target profit

Sep 16 at 17:14
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It should be understood that signals may not always be profitable. Here it depends more on the trader's ability to use them correctly and understand the market situation.

Sep 17 at 11:04
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What other purpose can there be in trading? few people come just for the sake of emotions

Sep 18 at 08:27
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@BookZerp people with smaller deposits can always go for leverage and make a good money out of it.I have come across many traders who had limited money but through leverage they were able to increase their portfolio’s value . Yes there is doubt that using high leverage in forex is very risky but the rewards are also huge.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Sep 20 at 14:31
109 postów
I don’t exactly give myself goals to make x amount of money. I try to focus more on self-improvement and it seems like that helps to improve my profits over time. Also don’t rely on trading as a main source of income, so everything I make is looked at as extra money.

Sep 21 at 12:09
283 postów
well, for some people, the goal in trading is not only profit, but also the pleasure of the work process itself

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