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Big news and requotes

Mar 17 at 10:57
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ele020 posted:
joastdaffy posted:
davidkew posted:
I don’t think that the impact of news can be ignored completely. Whether you trade long-term or intraday, it’s true that your currency positions will be affected by the forex news. It’s important for every trader to monitor all the related news and make market decisions in accordance with that.

If using ECN brokers can protect you from requotes, I don’t think a trader should refrain from using an ECN broker. While avoiding requotes, you get the benefit of transparent pricing. Best of both worlds for sure!

There is no point of refraining from ECN brokers.. So far all the ECN brokers I have used have proved much much better than the non ECN brokers.

Which ECN brokers do you use?

Apr 03 at 09:57
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You will have to go into a detailed research to find out if there is a way to avoid requotes. In my view, I don’t think there is a way to do that.

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