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Broker Suggestion

Apr 21 at 08:58
112 postów
Do not rush to choose a broker, one you come across, always look at several options, compare and give yourself the opportunity to weigh everything correctly.

Apr 29 at 07:57
24 postów
Given the number of online brokers, it is a tough task to figure out the right broker for yourself. Yet, if you are clear about your requirements, half the problem is almost solved. As for choice, I feel that its actually wise to do some digging and demo trade with a 2-3 shortlisted ones to see which one fits you the best. And not to forget, always look for some genuine brokers not because they are some big names of industry but because they are regulated and have good trading conditions.

Apr 30 at 08:07
78 postów
There are really a lot of brokers now, you don't need to choose and look at the conditions that he provides to you and how transparent it is.

May 01 at 10:34
50 postów
traders should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

May 07 at 14:44
36 postów
I recommend FP Markets; I trade with them, their ECN spreads are really tight (Averages 0.0 pips in EURUSD), and the commission per lot is also lower when compared with other similar ECN brokers.

May 11 at 00:16
689 postów
Try demo account first test the services of a broker. And always trade with a regulated broker.

May 11 at 08:33
65 postów
I also first just checked everything before choosing the Amarkets broker and he knew all the nuances of all the details and then he stayed to cooperate with him

May 17 at 15:37
28 postów
My suggestion would also be FP Markets. There is no doubt that this broker is good for scalping because I was surprised by its stable, consistent spreads even when the markets were highly volatile.

May 18 at 12:20
128 postów
Now let's easily check the brokers, trade for on his demo account, this will give you some understanding of how he works.

May 19 at 11:07
951 postów
without using practically thats really difficult to recommend at any broker , because right now so many brokers are available in this market place and most of them are found to be scams.

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