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Do you prefer fixed spreads or dynamic spreads?

Jan 24 2018 at 10:55
9 postów
Hi All!
In my opinion, I would like to go for variable spreads, as the broker who provide fixed spreads are market makers and they earn when the client losses. so I would prefer variable spreads.

Jimm (Jimmblack)
Jan 31 2018 at 07:39
23 postów
I have not decided yet whether I like the fixed spread or the dynamic one. My broker has different types of accounts, some with a fixed spread, and others with a dynamic spread. Therefore I while in reflections.

Jul 05 at 06:39
446 postów
I think dynamic spreads will be good for the trader.

Jul 10 at 02:23
658 postów
I prefer variable spreads. Because I am not a news trader.

Aug 06 at 10:09
640 postów
Fixed spreads are better if you are a news trader. If not, dynamic spreads are better.

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