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Making 15 to 20% profit every month !!!

Apr 23 2020 at 18:13
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I am not that sure that it's even possible in some way or another anyway for many many reasons out there. How else you would go that far clearly and possibly? Such high amounts do not promise you really anything out of that in any level.

Apr 25 2020 at 11:50
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This is really a pretty good option if you get such a profit.

Market Wizard (master800ve)
Apr 25 2020 at 16:10
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ZenoTyrell posted:
Hi every one !

Frankly saying , I'm not a trader at all.
But one of my friend has been in this trading business for just around 6 months and
he's telling me that his boss is making 15 to 20% profit every month.

He's also asking me to invest in his team.
And he's also giving a guarantee not to lose any of my money and have a 15 to 20% profit or stable income.
He said his boss can make it even more , but he's just saying as a safe zone about this.

For me, everything he said is 'Too Good Too Be True' and even though I still can't believe it,
I want to make sure by hearing from all of you on this claim.

Is that possible ?
And if that's possible, is there anyone or anyway that can prove this could be done by some kinds of evidence.

Cos this is my friend , I don't wanna hurt him in any way but
I want to prove his boss is hiding something from him or just simply lying.
Can anyone please help me about this?
Is that possible to make Making 15 to 20% profit every month by forex trading ?

What's the average profit of a professional trader can make every month ?

( one of my friends recommended me to come here and asked about it , I hope any of you can help me )

Dear ZenoTyrell,

Hope you are well, look it is possible if you are a professional trader, professional traders make on average 25-30% but ask for a track verified record, and look at the statistics to see if you are comfortable putting your money there.

By the way there is no guarantee for not losing money in this business, it is a part of it, so be adviced that this could happen.

I'm a professional trader, and I back it up on my profile system.

Be careful and be wise, lots of success and do what's best for you.

yippie kay yay mother f*****
Apr 25 2020 at 18:48
8 postów
Is your friends boss still alive ? Does he have lambo now ?

Apr 28 2020 at 12:09
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In general, everything is possible for an experienced trader, although it sounds banal) But seriously, yes, professional traders with great experience and good market awareness can have an income of 15 to 20% every month, even better. In this business, it's important to know when to close a trade before losing money, and when you can wait and get even more profit. But before you can invest in something, you should at least be provided with evidence that this 'boss' is reliable and actually has that kind of profit from trading, not just some scammer. I wish you a good investment of your money))

Dec 10 2020 at 18:37
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I think it is quite difficult to ensure fixed profit margin in every month. You need a solid plan and profitable strategy to make consistent profit.

Dec 11 2020 at 07:23
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EbonyJones posted:
I think it is quite difficult to ensure fixed profit margin in every month. You need a solid plan and profitable strategy to make consistent profit.

But the problem is that you can not and will never be able to make that much every month. It is just not realistic, from my perspective.
Even though the plan can fail. A proper sound plan can also fail.

Dec 21 2020 at 21:02
341 postów
Making a profit from the forex market is not so easy. You need proper knowledge and skills to make money from this market

Dec 23 2020 at 05:25
19 postów
I don’t know if there is a thing as guaranteed profits and that too every month. I usually don’t believe anyone who says that so I can’t say if this is viable or legit. You can try checking the credentials and be careful.

Jan 05 at 06:57
42 postów
I really don’t think that there is a fixed amount that a trader is bound to make in forex trading and the returns are not always guaranteed. If you’re making about 20% profits every month, I’ll say it is a good start.

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