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reliable ECN broker in New Zealand

Mar 17 at 10:40
9 postów
Look for brokers that you can trade with from anywhere in the world. A better option than location specific ones.

Mar 17 at 22:30
3 postów
Found this one, and it looks like they are actually in New Zealand.

Mar 26 at 05:04
11 postów
Make sure you go with a reliable broker platform and try to stay away from suspicious or scam brokers.

Apr 08 at 09:44
14 postów
You can also trade with some offshore brokers that provide quality services and decent trading conditions. They usually accept clients from everywhere.

Apr 08 at 10:56
9 postów
Just use an Australian broker. I am in Croatia and I use an Australian broker. You do not need to use a national broker

Apr 20 at 00:04
3 postów
Problem is Australian brokers will not take NZ clients due to NZ laws. Also they are now limited to 30x leverage due to new laws.

yana hansen (78678676)
Apr 20 at 11:12
137 postów
Try out Admiral markets. I have heard they are quite good.

Apr 23 at 09:02
446 postów
Any broker you can choose. But research yourself and try to choose a regulated one.

Sep 07 at 15:10
658 postów
What is the main regulator in New Zealand?

Sep 08 at 15:12
640 postów
Chose a regulated broker to be safe.

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