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What is your trading strategy ?

Jul 26 at 05:50
36 postów
Strategies in trading are immensely important for carrying out successful trade. Without proper strategies, it is almost impossible to be a successful trader.

Jul 26 at 07:19
624 postów
at the moment i am using scalping and i am profitable but sometimes it causes a great risk when market moves at random , in that time no money management works in a proper way.

Aug 05 at 16:01
661 postów
I am a scalper. Because I traded as a part-timer and I don’t have a long time to trade.

Aug 06 at 04:42
41 postów
Using a trading strategy that works for you is very important. Yes Scalping is good if you cannot devote too much time to trading, but you still need to be careful.

Aug 07 at 06:30
81 postów
I would like to point out the very good possibilities of working within the day trading, which also brings good results.

Aug 21 at 13:02
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Mohammadi posted:
The trading strategy is really important to make profit with consistency. Basically according to our trading understanding we the traders have to select our trading strategies. It would be really great if we choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , the traders who are scalpers have to choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

Strategy is very important. I think a lot of people try following a strategy first instead of learning first. In my experience it’s best to learn everything and all you can after which a strategy will begin to form. After some further experience in testing you will continue to finalise that strategy until you have something that is quite affective

HollandTrader (kasparsvas16)
Aug 25 at 09:26
284 postów
I trade just with Expert Advisors

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Aug 26 at 08:46
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FXTrader1983 posted:
I suggest trading the trend personally. I use several different time frames as well as several different indicators that must much up in order to determine the trend change. I developed an EA that does just that.

Hi, could you share the EA you developed to help me in trading please? Do you use it to monitor and notify or you could also program your EA to act upon the opportunities available?

Aug 26 at 14:25
3 postów
- macd, ma
- etf trading
- news trading

Aug 27 at 04:25
52 postów
I am a scalper but sometimes go for swing trading as well.

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