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What Are Your Golden Rules?

Aug 29 at 08:10
499 postów
I would advise you never to borrow money for trading. In my opinion, this is a really important rule.

Aug 31 at 13:51
283 postów
never give up, no matter how bad the situation is

Nov 13 at 15:12
6 postów
I think that the main rules for me are: never rushing, always try to do your best, always make wise moves, never let your emotions get you down. This list is pretty vast, there are some other rules which aren;t major but I also should comply with them in order to become successful in trading activity. For example, comply with risk management and money management practices, even if you see that you earn a very little amount of money like couple of dollars per day, don't be disappointed. Everythng comes with experience and the amount of time which you dedicate to trading. That's why the main rule is never rushing, because rushing literally destroy you as a trader.

Nov 13 at 19:45
499 postów
The most important rule for me is not to work without experience. More often than not, this experience will be too expensive.

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