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fix the drawdown calculation Wyniki głosowania

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fix the drawdown calculation Omówić

Nov 01 2017 at 06:20
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Myfxbook have once again changed the way it measures drawdown. Now it shows 'floating' drawdown which is only a comparison between equity and balance. This is only half the picture, and doesnt help analysis one bit.

sort it out
Nov 14 2017 at 07:40
3 postów
yes gobias

I totally agree your statement.

I have a 4 years track live record with 18% max drawdown, and now shows 74% !!!
And a lot of other live accounts

I already wrote many email to support but they didn't reply about that

It's so frustrating
Apr 14 2022 at 21:56
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Dear MyFxBook Support Team;

You are kindly solicited to see into the matter and fix the flaw mentioned in this thread.
I am trying to build a statement and am seeking a recruit by a prop firm, and apparently and basically it is not fair for a statement's DD to be calculated based on the equity curve including floating positions.

Hence, you are kindly solicited to see into the matter and fix the flaw mentioned in this thread.

Thank you in anticipation.
Myfxbook (Staff)
Apr 15 2022 at 06:46
1411 postów
Hello mms88mohsen,

We log the maximal drawdown. Drawdown is calculated using several ways:

(1) logging of drawdown at each account update.
(2) calculation of balance drawdown.
(3) calculation of equity drawdown based on historic prices (end of day).

The highest figure out of the above methods will be the one showing as the drawdown value, while the drawdown chart shows end of day values.
Alpha Stocks (AlphaStocks)
May 14 2022 at 18:51
8 postów
I agree with this way, any hedge fund or prop firm will take drawdown (in totality) into account.

If you balance is 10k and you go 8k into drawdown you are 80% in drawdown, simple.
The way it was done before was not correct and very misleading.
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