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Arbatov PAMM Insta (by Arbatov)

Użytkownik skasował ten system.
Oct 30 2010 at 03:07
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No i dun think its scam, its just that some just invested at the wrong time. his earlier results showed big promises. thats the problem when no stoplosses is used. If he has used reasonable stoploss i dun see how the trades could have gone so bad.
forexma posted:
justgbp posted:
shaquille75 posted:
    hey, Instaforex PAMM account is nearly wiped-out!
i joined it last week and i am down 70% today!!!!

bis scam! don't join this account at all!!

Can anyone explain to me what scam is? I think post fake results to potential investors should be one but this one is not. He just overtrade and lose big. Of course, no one will join this account at this time but I don't think this is scam basic on my understanding. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, I think this cant' be qualified as a scam. I'm sure Arbatov had good intensions.
But Insta..... definetely a scam broker, especially for larger successful traders.

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