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Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 (Od leo23 )

Zysk : +4.61M%
wypłata 54.47%
Pkt: 4563.8
Transakcje 13832
Wprowadzić: Demo
Dźwignia finansowa: 1:200
Handel: Automatyczny

Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 Omówić

ali asadi (aliasadi)
Mar 25 at 18:43
11 postów
Mar 26 at 10:31
15 postów
I have to say that this demo looks great. Thanks.

tpgreen (tpgreen)
Mar 28 at 11:28
6 postów
I think this system very very old and no update no more develop to next generation
AI. now upgrade to new version
but this system looking to drawdown and not make profit anymore
now market change to after pandemic nit AI. not change, may be death
no more information and open to transparent possible scam
may be this is very old training AI. no update is death
next generation Ai. is reinforcement trade AI.


Mar 29 at 06:46
567 postów
Dear Myfxbook users,

Sorry for no reply to comments. We were busy with the updates of the AI. While dealing with AI or AGI or ASI, it can go either way, it means it can go boom or burst. It can make consistent and massive profits or it can wipe out whole balance and both are possible, because AI trades just like a human being. So one minor bug can collapse the system, however, after the pandemic even though the system entered into a loosing cycle, but it has not lost everything.

Next, our AGI system trades just like a human trader, but only with the trained data of last 15 to 20 years and it was not able to handle with new data and market conditions. After the pandemic and recent changes in market conditions, we found out many drawbacks or bugs in the system by which the AI used to get confused during unknown markets and enters into loosing cycle.

By now, we hope we have already fixed most of it and now only time will tell if any more improvements is required or not. But it will take time to recover the loss which has happened due to the loosing cycle of last 2 to 3 months.

Now, the algo has been upgraded to much more advanced level. But that doesn't mean it can't loose, rather it means it will simply continue to make consistent profits in long run even after recovering the losses which it has been doing for many years.

Also, we are offering services to only large investors with starting balance of 100 K or more. However, myfxbook seems to be mainly crowded with retail investors and hence, now a days we are avoiding myfxbook posts.

Finally, if any large investor with starting balance of 100K or more wants to invest he can directly contact to our email 'qfxtrader.info@gmail.com'

Artificial General Intelligence
Louis Larson (LouisLarson)
Sep 29 at 17:16
16 postów
It is immediately clear that the system is fraudulent and not created for earnings! Explain why she is in the top of the discussions?

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