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AutomatischBeleggen (By leonscheffel )

Zysk +108.37%
Spadek depozytu 7.07%
Pipsy: 919.8
Transakcje 428
Typ Rzeczywiste
Dźwignia: 1:200
Handel Automatyczny
Jan 14 at 19:25
2 postów
This is the best Arbitrage Trading System I have ever used.

Fully automatic investing with an average return of 4% per month.

If people also want to join this system, please leave a message.

ZKFXtrader (ZKFXtrader)
Jan 14 at 20:18
238 postów
Has anyone invested with them?

Succeed in Forex trading
Jan 22 at 11:28
18 postów
It’s such a smooth graph. Looks like you have been making all your decisions really wisely. Good luck and keep making good trades.

Feb 08 at 05:37
20 postów
Really profitable automated system! I’m curious to know more about this.

Feb 16 at 08:45
2 postów
lurehuh posted:
Really profitable automated system! I’m curious to know more about this.

Send me a private message please.

yeminhtike (yeminhtike)
Feb 16 at 09:00
3 postów
Never had a losing trade. Very Impressive.

Without faith in his own judgement, no man can go very far in this game.
Feb 17 at 04:53
13 postów
This automated trading system shows a lot of profit. Thank you for sharing it here.

Mar 02 at 10:26
19 postów
I am interested in this system but I would like to know more about it first. Thanks.

Mar 02 at 11:34
361 postów
Arbitrage or heavy scalping is forbidden on most retail brokers and banks. You can only use it with this 'unregulated broker' on the Marshall Islands. Who's gonna believe their 100% winning rate then? 🙄


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