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I-Myth (Od TheBeyondTrading )

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I-Myth Omówić

Dec 22 2020 at 22:34
366 postów
Sensceystar posted:

Are you having problems with this broker?
Have an account?
I made the very first link I found.
The meaning of what you wrote?
Broker acts
License valid
The regulator operates

If you really believe this bs you should go all in and show your results with this suspicious broker then. Good luck!
But remember I was the one who warned you.

Jan 13 at 10:07
366 postów
scambuster777 posted:
Perhaps this is a PAMM or MAM account.

Still, their website is registered in Malaysia by a guy or company in New Zealand. Who's gonna believe such results here then? Malaysian website, 'broker' registered in Canada, original registrant (with 100+ other domains) is from New Zealand. Very suspicious.

Jan 24 at 08:09
97 postów
m4cconery posted:
marco_mmbiz posted:
Sensceystar posted:
Old site had an address (Beyond-Trading.com)

new site created in 2020.

The broker itself is registered and has existed since 2012
Licensed and Regulated ( MSB Canada )


The last reviews in your link are from 2012/2013; not a single review from this year. The connected broker here was created in 2020. Also the broker's registration on the MSB is not from 2012, it's from 2020. Why don't you guys get it?
To me it looks like one of those copycat scams where people use old brokers' reputations and names to create new brokers with similar names ('beyond trading' and 'the beyond trading') and pages (plus MT servers).
If it would be the same broker then why creating everything new in 2020? Very suspicious.

What's the problem dude?

The broker was registered a long time ago in 2012-2013.
The license was registered with the regulator in 2020.
What is the problem?

Broker account registration does not work and they have no trading platform. This means that the results are untrustworthy.

Feb 05 at 03:58
15 postów
Looks like a great system. I would like to know more about this please.

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