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MFM7 (Od ex4systems )

Użytkownik usunął ten system.

MFM7 Omówić

Antonio Guglielmi (antoniojg)
Oct 20 2016 at 06:51
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fx4btc posted:
fastdrive55 posted:
My account was not affected by the GBP issue at all. I was trading GBPUSD thru this EA - no issue at all.
Just now it cannot connect. That is weird part in my opinion.

What account are you referring to? I don't see any real account under your profile. This account got hijacked by the GBP pairs


I've read a post of that guy just one day before the crash saying that he had made 55% in one month with MFM5. From the account history we see that he was trading too many lots at that time, very risky indeed.


I was lucky because I was trying to run MFM7 that week. After that I got the 'No connection' problem, and moved back to MFM5, with good results by the way. This week I'm trying MFM7 again, with the new build 104, the connection is working fine.

But one thing is for sure: MFM7 opens much less trades than MFM5. At a first sight it seems less profitable, but it may be better regarding drawdowns. I was thinking about staying with MFM5, but after these examples of losing trades with GBP that day, I'll give MFM7 more credit.

Snowman (nonameb3)
Oct 23 2016 at 06:31
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Hi bro'

I use MFM for long time and i can say this MFM is one of best ea on the market.

I think EA very sensitive with low spreads and fast execution broker. Please find broker to run this EA if u want make money. for me FX Choice,Tickmill is a good choice.

Andy Zatt (fastdrive55)
Oct 23 2016 at 06:50
102 postów
Yes. Still regarding MFM5, just on the day with the crash it was trading insanely increased lot sizes. I have not seen any explanation of that. Furthermore, I can see the the creator of MFM has deleted a lot of evidence. THe website, alot of accounts in myFxBook, that is *really* damaging the reputation...

I will neither run MFM5 or MFM7 for some time now :-)

You haven't been around lately.
Snowman (nonameb3)
Oct 24 2016 at 07:13
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Ryan (ryang123)
Oct 25 2016 at 07:01
85 postów
I don't blame the EA at all. I should have turned off GBP knowing the risk during this volatile time so my fault on that. It has a stop loss feature that might have saved me from going into the neg but I don't think it would have saved all that much. The gap was so large it would have had massive slippage. Either way anyone with long positions in GBP was done for.
 I made 20% the month prior to the crash. The months before that have always been 10% plus. This is using 1.0 as the lot multiplier and using 'dynamic lots' with the MM tool on true. Really, you can plug and play this ea. Hoping to get my account back up quick so I can start trading again and MFM (5 and 7 combined) is the only EA I need to do it!!
But I think I'll use Forex Flex too:)

Choose a good reputation over great riches (PROVERBS 22:1)
Oct 26 2016 at 06:53
9 postów
MFM obviously is a good EA. However, I found discontinuing MFM5 without informing his client as shocking. 90% of the trades shown under MFM7 were done by earlier version he cannot claim the success of 5 and not it's failure.

Ryan (ryang123)
Oct 28 2016 at 08:32
85 postów
I was shocked with that too. An email would have been nice!

Choose a good reputation over great riches (PROVERBS 22:1)
Rustan mallari (tankbeta)
Nov 22 2016 at 01:07
171 postów
anyone here still using mfm5? or did everyone switched to new version?

Plan your trades and trade your plans.
Ryan (ryang123)
Nov 22 2016 at 02:31
85 postów
I'm still using it but its not nearly as accurate as 7.

Choose a good reputation over great riches (PROVERBS 22:1)
Dan (dan1b)
Dec 05 2016 at 08:05
14 postów
is anyone try the MFM7 new system?
what's the impression?

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