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Phasr expert advisor (Od bossefx )

Użytkownik usunął ten system.

Phasr expert advisor Omówić

May 11 2016 at 06:28
37 postów
bossefx posted:
Professional4X posted:

Can you fully verify your account?

How to make trading previlages is checked green?? sir..
iam don`t now?

Trading Privileges Verification
Trading privileges are verified when the trader opens a pending order with a key provided by Myfxbook or the investor password is changed to a password provided by Myfxbook .

May 11 2016 at 11:20
84 postów
May 12 2016 at 08:06
494 postów
Maybe this is not real trading at all because the trading previledges are not verified. He just uses a demo account with investor password to mislead all of us
Trading previledges mean the account belong to the system/EA owner, not someone else'

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
US.YOUNG (michaelkim)
May 12 2016 at 13:36
182 postów
No trade this week so far, and backtest of EA phars is Martingale.
As i said he shows apple and sell Banana that no one can eat.


May 12 2016 at 13:41
494 postów
Can you ask for a refund from Paypal?

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
May 12 2016 at 13:46
390 postów
I think they are vendor side.
It's really hard to get refund.
I am going to try, but I doubt

May 12 2016 at 22:55
247 postów
Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
May 13 2016 at 06:19
1557 postów
if paypal won't do a refund, ask for refund from your credit card company if you used a credit card. It's for selling something not as described, you should get it through them. they will take money from paypal, and paypal will take money from the vendor. cheers

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
May 13 2016 at 06:20
1557 postów
I usually skip paypal, as they are always hard to get refund for 'digital products', and go direct to my credit card company. cheers

US.YOUNG (michaelkim)
May 13 2016 at 08:28
182 postów
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