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May 26 2021 at 19:03
1 postów
When I was introduced to trading, I thought I would make a lot of money in a short time so i jumped at it without the proper knowledge. I blew my account a couple of times and I became so discouraged. Someone advised me to use a demo account which I heeded. I noticed that I was making money on the demo account and like 90% of my trades were on profit. My confidence grew again and I went live again… within 5 days of trading live, I blew my account again and at this point i knew something was really wrong. I decided to compare the demo account chart and the live account chart and I noticed that they were not the same..I immediately knew that was my problem, I was so angry and deleted my account with the broker.

I got to know coinexx through another friend who has been trading with the broker profitably for a while, after I agreed to open an account the first thing I did was to compare the demo and the live account to know if they are the same, I didn't notice any difference. Then I started trading on coinexx demo account and noticed I was not so profitable, then I submitted myself to my friend to be taught and in a couple of months my trade results improved. When I noticed a level of consistency with the coinexx demo account I went live again, this time the experience became better than it had always been. I learnt patience and I also learnt that there are many bad brokers out there.. I have been trading with coinexx since then and I don't have issues yet.

Feb 07 2020 at 10:02
33 postów
Joined coinexx about 1-1.5 years back and all I have to say is: worth it broker.
Traders are resistant to trade heavy when it comes to offshore brokers, so was I but gradually over the time; I learned how reliable these guys are. And why they are here. Not all of us are suited to US regulations and have to turn to offshore for better trading services. For that we need a reliable broker. And coinexx is the one I found for myself. No major issues faced since day one. Very reliable broker.

Nov 20 2019 at 15:10
1 postów
HI Everyone! I have been trading for more than 02 years and had chance to try few different brokers, currency base on USD, EUR and GBP all those brokers they have Pos/Cons. I am located in US and its a problem because all major brokers arent in US so all the deposits and specially the withdraws, if you dont have a banking account on EUR, are a pain in the A** and takes forever.( Vouchers, international fees, tax etc. ) However all they are regulated and it give me peace of mind, in theory my money is in safe place.
so about 06 months ago I start using the Coinexx, in the begin kind of scare, because I was not used to work with digital coin, but the whole process was really easy, all the deposit and withdraw process are really fast the deposit takes minutes to be in my account and the withdraw never took more than 48 hours. i do have few deposits that took little longer to be on my account, but I contact the support team and they solve the problem in minutes, I rate the support team 5 of 5.
I give 5* to Coinexx all day all night. no doubts is the best broker for operations i have used.
So, till today I have transferred all my accounts to Coinexx, but that is come the Problem !!!!! How safe am I ' in have all my eggs in the same basket' ?
Coinexx is not a regulated broker, How safe is my money ?
I wold love to see come comments from the users about this .

Oct 05 2019 at 10:58
1 postów
Would definitely recommend Coinexx. Low spreads, good order execution speed and fast withdrawals. Quite satisfied with them on the whole!

Jul 17 2019 at 13:03
6 postów
Coinexx is a reliable broker and a true ecn broker I must say, very competitive spread as compared to tradersway which I have an account with. I hope they stay the same for long. If there’s any change, I’ll update the review.

Jul 13 2019 at 06:05
1 postów
Great broker, low spreads, small commission and smooth execution. deposits done same day and withdrawals are returned within 24 hours. Nothing shady so far.

Jun 30 2019 at 06:49
9 postów
I rate Coinexx 5 of 5 in all four parts. Their customer support is second to none, friendly and professional.
I find their spreads very good as compared to my previous brokers, not to mention their commissions is very less as well, $2/lot.
MT4 platform is my life and fast withdrawal, didn't face any issues. Useful broker for averse traders.

Jun 12 2019 at 11:57
8 postów
Started trading with these guys few months back and so far my experience has been really amazing. Tight spreads, solid execution with almost zero slippage, low comm. charges. Also, I can make deposits in almost all major cryptos and withdrawals never took more than 48 hours plus transaction cost are also zero. One of the best and most cost effective brokers I have ever used!

May 01 2019 at 12:37
162 postów
been with ic market before the news fx rules affecting us traders, then moved with coinexx a year ago ,the best broker by far that i've been with ,very professionals people working there.100 % bonus is great b,allows you to get more flexibility in your trading,wd are very fast in your bank acc ,hat off coinexx ,for us traders

Apr 26 2019 at 12:33
1 postów
Coinexx is one of the most trusted offshore brokers today and I totally agree with it. Opened my coinexx account one- one and a half year back I think, and haven’t regretted since. They are offering great service at a very low cost, the commission they charge is just $2/100k and there is neither any slippage issue nor spreads. The withdrawals are processed with 48 hrs, what more do we need!

Martin (MartinTradingFx)
Apr 18 2019 at 12:42
1 postów

All the money in my account has been stolen. I have been trading on the forex market through various brokers for a year and I thought it was great that Coinexx offered the possibility to trade with altcoins. I still had 4000 XRP and 50 LTC in my wallets with which I did not do anything yet. After creating an account I was able to transfer the coins to Coinexx. Because I first planned a winter sport I had not yet dealt with my account. After I returned from my vacation in January, I was shocked to see that the balance was 0. I immediately contacted Coinexx how this was possible since I did not write off the amounts myself.
According to them, they had sent an email, after which they transferred the amounts to ETH and then debited them. The last amount was not yet debited at that time, but they could not stop it, they said.
I have always asked for substantiation or proof that the order was issued, but until now I have not received anything from them, only promises that they will be working on it soon.
So I just lost my money, it was about $ 2,873.00 at that time !!
I did further research together with an IT expert to see what probably happened since my mail account was not hacked, they probably got access to Coinexx with brute force, then changed my address to another address so that they could make the payment confirm. Then they put my e-mail address back as if nothing had happened.

BEWARE before you go to work with this party, the security and help you get is very bad!

Jan 27 2019 at 08:51
1 postów
Hello dear


no news time. spreads, comm, execution all top class and withdrawals are smooth.

if you try Mt4 platfrom in all brokers you can see best spread and commision just in COINEXX company

my expriance in this broker is very good

thanks coinexx ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nov 21 2018 at 12:30
41 postów
Been with them for the better part of this year. Nothing but good execution, great spreads, and a chat support, who knows what they are talking. I have had couple of in and our transactions with them without a glitch. What else can you ask from your broker. Hands down, best in the block!

Nov 01 2018 at 14:58
13 postów
My favorite crypto broker. Offers simple & functional platforms, efficient support & amazing trading conditions. Don't recall having any trouble with since I started trading with them. Funding the account is as easy as is withdrawing funds. No dramas anywhere. Only MT4 was missing, that too they launched some time back. Great broker, couldn't be happier.

Oct 18 2018 at 13:31
5 postów
The broker caught my attention few months back as many traders were talking about them on the forums. So out of curiosity I also thought of giving them a try. My account was opened within 5 minutes as no document verification was required, I made a small deposit after that & made few trades. Luckily I had some profits in the first week, so placed the withdrawal request to withdraw the deposit and the profits i made as a test. No questions were asked and they processed it within 24 hours. I was impressed & have been trading with them without any issues past 3 months. Trading conditions especially spreads, execution speed, & comm charges are all great. Don't think twice before setting up an account with them.

Sep 28 2018 at 05:46
6 postów
I’ll be honest I did not expect to stick with them for long after a slew of negative experiences with some shady brokers but I guess there are still some genuine brokers in the business. To keep it plain and short I would like to say that Coinexx has been a complete surprise package for me in terms of their product offerings and services. Low spreads, low and fair commissions, good leverage, no transaction fees, multiple cryptos for deposits, fast withdrawals, efficient platform, speedy execution and fantastic customer support are what make up Coinexx. Couldn’t be happier.

Sep 19 2018 at 20:08
6 postów
Coinexx has proven to be a safe bet for me and ever since I shifted to them from my previous broker I have realized what true ECN brokerage actually means. Their spreads are matchless across all segments. My profitability has gone up since their costs are very low. Withdrawals are smooth and are processed without transfer fee. They fare good on all fronts and are all a trader could ask for, especially client support. They are the next think to watch out for in the crypto-brokerage space. Kudos to them!

Sep 07 2018 at 05:34
10 postów
Coinexx is the best broker I have used so far in terms of cost. I can make deposit and withdrawals with them in almost every major crypto and without paying any transaction cost which is great. Commission charges are also very cheap only $2 per lot. Trade execution is very fast, spreads are lowest and even manageable at news time, nevr got any requote, they don’t manipulate prices. I am glad to be with them. hope these guys will keep on maintaining their great services.

Sep 02 2018 at 06:40
10 postów
Good broker no problem so far. It was the first time I tried a crypto broker so my account manager had to do a lot of baby sitting and which she was very happy to do. I’m more impressed with the services that I got from the broker than the trading conditions, though the conditions are also the best I’ve traded with so far. Since I have started trading with coinexx, I grown to appreciate crypto currencies more and how easy it to transfer funds with them. I wish the financial world is more crypto welcoming and we have more brokers like coinexx on the scene. Thank you guys!

Aug 24 2018 at 07:08
10 postów
Honest broker! I have been trading with Coinexx from past few months. I don’t have any kind of complaint so far. I have made several withdrawals without any problem. No stop loss hunting, faster trade execution, very good trading platform. Their support team is very polite and responsive. Overall my trading experience is very satisfactory with the broker.

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