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Wynik ogólny: 3.6 / 5

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Dec 22 2021 at 20:16
1 postów
I have opened an account with this broker some three months ago, and would like to leave here my impressions to other traders, in case that someone find them useful as an information for trading strategy. I am trading major forex pairs as a daily trader. I have here an ecn account and trading on my MT5 platform. Currently I dont use ea, but have planes to introduce one in the future, so I will need to make an update of review later. Platform operates without any issues, at least I didn’t experienced one. Execution of deals works instantly, also didnt have any issues with slippages. So, it seems like an honest broker. As for costs of trading, they are really minimal. Ecn account dont have spreads, there is only small fixed fee of $2.0 per traded lot. For me it was good option that I can credit my account through USDT without any fees from brokers side. I have opened USD based account, so here I dont have any exchange risks as USDT is pegged 1:1 to USD. Withdrawals are processed within 1 day and till now I was withdrawing relatively small amounts of profits, but it was processed without any issues on my USDT wallet. Of course, withdrawals are also free of charge. All hedging techniques are allowed, as well as use of leverage of 500:1. On the negative side, I wasn’t able to find any topic, and I really hope that I won’t find any also in the future.
Dec 08 2021 at 17:16
1 postów
With the broker, one can open different trading accounts with BTC, GBP, EUR, and USD account base currency. It also provides the micro, ECN and VIP account with tight spreads. The spread for the ECN account is from 0.00 while that of the micro account is also around 0.02 which is better than the standard for a standard account. One thing I also appreciate about this broker is that it provides an account manager for all its account types. They are always available to assist when I need them
Nov 26 2021 at 18:05
1 postów
Got a first deposit bonus when I made my first deposit. The idea that says that brokers that give 100% initial deposit bonus are fraudulent and only offer it to lure people to them is not true. I have withdrawn my money here a couple of times without issues
Nov 25 2021 at 16:25
1 postów
Support assisted me in fixing and setting up my expert advisor and they also guided me in making my first withdrawal. The customer service is consistent and the trading condition are also balanced
Oct 25 2021 at 11:32
1 postów
Withdrawal and deposit using various types of cryptocurrencies are allowed here. It also allows trading different assets either forex, crypto or stocks indices. With the broker I don't have to force strategies in my forex trades since there are many pairs available to be traded.

Finpro provides constant trading news and analytics that assist my trades but it needs to gets more research tools that one could go through at different times
Oct 21 2021 at 19:28
6 postów
Crypto in, crypto out, withdrawal takes around 24 hours. Asides crypto for transactions it could also be traded as CFD. Meaning that traders do not get to buy and store the real assets. But can use leverage to increase profit made
Jan 20 2019 at 07:45
12 postów
@CuongVC Finprotrading was acquired by Coinexx late December
Cuong (CuongVC)
Jan 18 2019 at 03:27
237 postów
FinproTrading is closed. Check their website: (Finprotrading.com) and you will see:


If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
Aug 29 2018 at 10:44
6 postów
I mostly trade news and am happy with their friendly trading conditions. Spreads couldn’t be any better; by far the sharpest around. Fears of slippage have never bothered me. So far it has been smooth sailing with no platform malfunction or technical setbacks. I recently started using BTC for funding my account and have experienced remarkable improvement in the speed of fund transfers. No issues with withdrawals either. It would do them good if they start offering cryptos for trading as well. Still a fantastic broker though.
Aug 14 2018 at 14:05
162 postów
been with ic market for 4 years then had to switch broker ,by far the best client relations i've got since then ,very professional and warm
Aug 14 2018 at 13:34
12 postów
I have been trading with Finpro since a long time, these guys are one of the best in the industry in terms of spreads and commission.Trade execution is pretty fast and never faced any problem of system freezing. Withdrawals have been always easy with them without any issue. So far, I am very satisfied with them.
Aug 01 2018 at 06:28
3 postów
A wonderful relationship of 3 years warrants a glowing review for Finpro trading from my end. This forex broker has time and again outdone itself by grabbing the pulse of the market and providing traders services and conditions they won’t find anywhere else. I trade currencies and NG with them and their spread game is on point. Spreads have always been super tight no matter what hour it is & commissions has also been low $2/100k. I began with VIP account but later shifted to ECN account as I wanted to trade with 400x leverage . Order execution is superb. The fact they are a scalping and hedging friendly broker have only added to their appeal. I keep withdrawing quite frequently and haven’t faced any problems in this regard. In fact my withdrawals requests (through wire transfer) have so far been processed in less than 48hrs and I don’t have to shell out a single buck! FYI I just found out that they also accept BTC deposits/withdrawals! Will have to try that out too!
Jul 26 2018 at 14:15
3 postów
I am having been trading with Finpro trading for about 2 and a half years and I couldn’t be happier with the spread quality and trading conditions I have got ever since. Spreads have always been in a range of 0 to 0.4 pips for the pairs I trade. I never faced any trouble with withdrawals. So far all my withdrawal requests have been executed within the stipulated time frame. Order execution is top-notch and their support team deserves a special mention for the diligence with which they have helped me out all this while. Trading with them has been a real cakewalk. Highly recommended!😄
Jul 16 2018 at 17:21
162 postów
openning an acc with them thanks for the reviews
Jul 04 2018 at 06:52
22 postów
I have been trading for past few years and dealt with many brokers but Finprotrading stands apart. From sharp spreads to low commissions, they offer great trading conditions. Other than trader friendly conditions, they pretty much allow all trading styles. I’m a scalper and never found them hunting for my SLs. Its great trading with them. A big thumbs up if anyone looking for a brokers
May 29 2018 at 10:04
2 postów
DukeMark posted:
I have tried several Brokers in the past, currently trade with Finpro trading. Withdrawals are fast (2-3 days). Downside is that they don't accept card payments but beside that there have never been any other issues. Execution is super good and commissions are low. Recommended 100% without any doubts.

I agree but now FinPro Trading accepts bitcoin payments which is quite way to deposit / withdraw. I usually use this method only. maybe you can try as well. :)
May 21 2018 at 12:09
16 postów
I have tried several Brokers in the past, currently trade with Finpro trading. Withdrawals are fast (2-3 days). Downside is that they don't accept card payments but beside that there have never been any other issues. Execution is super good and commissions are low. Recommended 100% without any doubts.
Apr 20 2018 at 17:22
2 postów
Hi guys. I have recently opened an account with FinPro trading after my friend who has been with them long enough convinced me to test the broker. Till now everything seems fine and I like their ECN spreads and commissions. After reading the last post I tried to withdraw some funds to rest my concerns and the request was processed within the suggested time frame . I’m still testing them before I can move big funds with them. So far l like the broker, should this change, I’ll update my review here Thanks!
Mar 02 2018 at 09:45
2 postów
@trendgenius I am glad you received your withdrawals. I opened an account with them in Nov 2017 and had about 4 seamless withdrawals with them. The current one initiated on Feb 9th 2018 is still pending and to my amazement, the withdrawal request itself is missing from the listing in my account. They withdrew the money from my brokerage account on 15th Feb. No one is responding to my emails. The chat person today scaled it up to priority with compliance. Let us see what comes out of this.
A.D. (trendgenius)
Feb 22 2018 at 08:24
9 postów
UPDATE: They were updating system, they did eventually process withdrawals
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