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AAAFx Review Scores

Overall score: 2.9 / 5

Total votes: 57
Customer service
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AAAFx Discussion

Jun 21 2011 at 13:03
49 posts
I only know that from July swiss brokers will be forced to dump all US accounts after a deal that they made with CFTC. Only if they are also a bank (or something similar) they will accept US accounts, but not sure with what leverage.
So yes, you are correct, only a handful in EU left, unfortunately...

Jun 10 2011 at 09:37
5 posts
What the CFTC is doing is wrong! I cannot trade my system with 50:1 leverage, so Im forced to move my account they are forcing the EU regulated brokers not to accept US accounts. We lost access to swiss based ones, UK based and German based.
Only some Cyprus based and AAAFX which is in Greece still accept, but for how long?

Jun 07 2011 at 12:47
9 posts
Yes, i ve heard that its one of the few EU based brokers that still accept US accounts.
Them and some from Cyprus

May 23 2011 at 11:43
9 posts
After almost a year with aaafx, I still feel that its the best broker if you want to trade using zulutrade.
I ve tried 3 more, but the results where poor comparing to what I had with aaafx...

Apr 15 2011 at 11:32
9 posts
I think that if you want to find a provider in zulu trading any of those pairs, he must either have aaafx or a broker that has these pairs.
I dont know any provider that trades 'exotic' pairs, everyone sticks on the usual currencies

Apr 08 2011 at 09:26
9 posts
Yet another update: 29 more pairs added! Would be interesting to see spreads on some, like USD/SGD.

Apr 01 2011 at 11:39
12 posts
What I like the most in AAAFX is that always this broker feels and covers the needs of its customers.
They recently have added FX, CFDs, Gold, Silver and Oil so we can trade them in one account with forex.
Iphone application there is as well.... but I don' t have an I-phone :( cause the seller on e-bay was proven a scammer.

Mar 15 2011 at 12:56
9 posts
Interesting! Saw they added CFDs, metals and oil, will do some trades to see how the platform behaves 😀

Mar 02 2011 at 12:02
1 posts
Relatively new broker, but I like them! Im news trading a lot and dont get re-quotes on high market moves/volatility. Spread is higher than they say, but good execution + they dont change my leverage on weekends! I got this with my previous broker...

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 25 2011 at 18:48
126 posts
I was having problems with stops being triggered with other brokers. I don't see it happening here. However, my scalping trades are still better on FX Pro but having watched their tick feed very carefully its more due to the quality of the feed rather than them using some plug in or deliberately triggering stops. I find the service excellent. ZuluTrade has been a love hate affair. I hate when I lose even when the setup seems perfect but I can always trace it back to something I did or did not do.

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