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Arena Trade Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 209
Customer service
1 - worst 5 - best

Arena Trade Discussion

Xlejie (Xlejie)
May 03 at 06:47
1 posts
Very good broker, support responds in 24 hours.

1880H (1880H)
May 04 at 01:10
1 posts
not much complaints, easy withdraw facility

robo-advising is the future
ZZnieu (ZZnieu)
May 06 at 08:29
1 posts
I have a small account and have had no problems so far, only a few trades per week.

Always on the wave
May 06 at 23:22
1 posts
You can expect agile response, good in live

May 10 at 08:03
1 posts
been on demo for a while, it seems fine with me.

9031N (9031N)
May 10 at 23:29
1 posts
Good, and reliable trader

Risk and fun is sometimes the same
BsiB (BsiB)
May 12 at 02:14
1 posts
GOOD for trying out

May 13 at 05:19
1 posts
A trader with a robust system can make a profit. I have a good system, so no complaints hehe

just try to be better than average
maAl (maAl)
May 13 at 05:53
1 posts
I find this broker prolific for my trading. It has almost all kinds of facilities necessary for a trader for trouble free trading.

to Rise, on the Rise
May 14 at 00:55
1 posts
well, not much experience with other ones but using it and seems stable

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