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Capital City Markets Discussion

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I had a forex account with Tallinex that was traded by a money manager and they transferred it to CapitalCityMarkets.The money manager traded the transferred account for a year after the transfer.I never took any withdrawals.How ever when I requested a full funds(over 15K) withdrawal in July 07/2017.Nine days passed and the funds had not been sent to my bank.When I asked why it was taking so long.CapitalCityMarkets responded with this statement 'We are currently having difficulties with our bank. Apologies for the delay.'
On 8/13/2017 still not received my funds.I sent another request for an update.This was their statement'We would like to bring our sincere apologies, as we are still facing slight difficulties regarding withdrawals.

While we are doing our utmost best to clear the withdrawals in a timely manner, we are limited by our Banking facilities. Due to changes in their internal policies, they are now limiting the amount of withdrawals that can be sent out per day. This, of course, has slowed the entire process down significantly. Currently, we do not have a specific time frame to provide you with, as the situation is out of our hands. Once we have an update on the situation, we will be sure to let you know firsthand.

Please do note that by no means are we looking to keep the funds and have every intention of returning them as soon as possible.

Again, we apologize for any inconveniences caused by this and thank you kindly for your understanding and patience.'

On 9/26/2017 still not received my funds.I sent another update request.CapitalCityMarkets ignored the update request and never responded.

On 11/02/2017 still not received my funds.I sent another update request.CapitalCityMarkets has again ignored the update request and never responded.

4 months after original withdrawal request, still have not received any funds returned.

The money manager claims he can do nothing,even tho Tallinex was the broker he was working with originally and was where he had required all his USA clients open the accounts with.
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