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Coinexx Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 52
Customer service
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Coinexx Discussion

Jun 21 2018 at 06:00
40 posts
Great broker. The account opening process was the easiest and the fastest ever. Trading conditions are good, low spreads, competitive commission and excellent execution. I like the fact that they accept digital currency deposits, it make the whole deposit withdrawal process quick. & I do quite a bit of withdrawing and its always processed in time.
And last but not the least, I’m particularly pleased with their support team for their responsiveness and ability to offer quick resolutions.
Glad to have found them. Nothing more to say, 5 stars.

darrengreg (darrengreg)
Jun 27 2018 at 10:44
37 posts
You generally see traders going ga-ga over their new broker initially, posting the good reviews and later on when things take a U-turn, these same chaps kill the broker’s reputation by posting bad, even exaggerated reviews all over the internet. As a practice, I never posted a review about any of my brokers until I have been with them over 6 months and have done at few withdrawals. And until I have this one issue with my broker and until it was resolved (to my liking or against my liking). Having said that, here are my cents on Coinexx.
I joined them out of curiosity for cryptos and FOMO. It was hard to get used to their BTC denominated account, having traded on a USD base currency account. But then I moved to USD base currency account and have been trading without a bug since then. The spreads that they offer are amazing, By far the best from a broker since I started trading. Though the broker offers 500x leverage, I use 100x to trade. As for mt5, it’s been delivering glitch-free. Execution is great.

And setting up an account with them is easier than creating an email account. They offer anonymous account set up. Deposit and withdrawals are restricted to cryptos. No fiat accepted. As I trade on a USD base account, the acc. works as a hedge account for me. Deposits are smooth, you simply log in and send the funds in desired currency and for withdrawals just make the request and you get the funds back within 24 hours. I never had a withdrawal req. linger on for more than 24 h though they say it will take 48 hours.
 Last but not the least, Coinexx team is amazing. They are stars. Always ready to get on a phone to help you, reply to tickets and emails in time and in case of on the fly request, their chat team comes to rescue.
The broker is highly recommended to those who dared to read till the end. Happy trading fellas! 😎

Jul 09 2018 at 11:48
1 posts
I drop here to give Coinexx 5 stars. One of the best broker to i've traded with. I love the fact that they focus on crypto currencies and offer great spreads & generous leverage. Deposits are quick and withdrawals are always timely with them.

One of the primary reasons I decided to go live with them was how patiently they catered to all my queries when i signed up with them. I was getting used to MT5, transitioning from MT4. I was more than impressed with the speed and quality of their responses to my queries. The whole team rocks. Their reputation for customer service precedes them.

Jul 17 2018 at 11:56
12 posts
Seeing how well my experience with Coinexx has been going till now, I think it is only fair that I share it with others also. I have been trading with Coinexx for a good amount of time and never found really found a reason to complain. I especially like that they allow all types of trading with on such competitive spreads & commissions. Being a scalper, the conditions the offer are a treat. Talking about withdrawals, they are pretty simple and direct; you get your funds within or before 2 days of requesting the withdrawals. Their team offers complete support from answering your silly questions to serious ones. They are always good as their word. For those interested in opening anonymous accounts without the rigmarole of verification Coinexx will be perfect.

Jul 18 2018 at 07:40
19 posts
I have been trading for several years now and coinexx ‘s regular mentions on few forums I follow, caught my attention. Doubtful in my head, opened a demo account with them. The demo account looked really good in terms of spreads, commissions charged and conditions. However its only after I went live, I was blown away how good the trading conditions are. My strategies have performed best while trading on the spreads they offer. Though getting use to MT5 and adjusting my codes from MT4 to MT5 was a pain. But it was all worth it in the end. I like the fact that they allow 20 or more crypto currencies for deposit. I had loads of dogecoin that finally came to use. What a happy feeling it was l remember, just logging it sending the coins over and they were in my account, converted to usd at the current rate. I was impressed by the conversion I got btw. Have been a fan of the broker ever since. I withdrew couple of times and no hiccups there as well. Looks like I and coinexx will go a long way together. 5/5 for the conditions offered and support I get from the team.

Jul 22 2018 at 05:56
9 posts
Coinexx is my first ever broker and thankfully the experience has been smooth till now. Trading BTC has always been a piece of cake with them and I have been able to build up a good account all thanks to the topnotch trading conditions that they provide. Everything is processed at remarkable speed right from account set up and transactions to deposits/withdrawals. My trading process has become so streamlined and interruption free with them that I can’t even think of ever being with some other broker. Never had any slippage/requotes issues, not even during the news hours. They offer the most perfect combination of tight spreads, low commissions and flexible leverage. Hope this association would stay as smooth forever.

audreycolln (audreycolln)
Jul 25 2018 at 06:26
9 posts
High Recommended ! They are on top of my list. You can see the spread list here on myfxbook. This is where is found them and thought of giving them a try & it’s been a wise choice. Since i found them here so it makes all the sense to come back and share my thoughts. Spreads – one of the best, commissions – only $2 per lot, platform - mt5 performs smoothly, no freezes, glitches or bugs so far. deposit & withdrawal - quick and hassle free. You can open an account with them without providing any sort of verification. What else you need! Good broker !😄

Jul 29 2018 at 05:53
16 posts
The broker garnering a lot of positive praise and they deserve it as well. I must say the spreads are super. what you see here on the spread list is what you get in their live account. My previous broker shows a different spread list here on myfxbook to what they actually offer in their live account. Was really impressed the coinexx maintains is honest in that respect. Other than commission the execution is flawless, something that i lay a lot stress on while testing a broker. their commissions are also low mere $2 per lot and no extra fees for any transactions. Overall impressive. Very good broker for trader with price sensitive strategies or EAs. Last but not the least withdrawals are timely. If anything changes will keep everyone posted.

Aug 02 2018 at 11:30
5 posts
I picked up Coinexx on a friend’s recommendation, and after testing their demo for a month i jumped on their live account. mainly I trade fx and crypto with them. trading conditions are good, specially spreads on fx and crypto pairs when compared to the crazy spreads offered by other brokers or exchanges, coinexx crypto pair spreads stand out. And MT5 is pretty new to me but their support team is always there to help whenever I get stuck with the platform . Good Broker!

Aug 07 2018 at 12:43
2 posts
A superb broker that can be recommended to anyone looking for a decent cryptofx broker. I was able to set up an account with them instantly without any verification. & since I started trading with them I have managed to up my profitability just because of their unmatched spreads, low commissions & high leverage. They offer pretty competitive conditions when compared to their competitors. Deposit have been smooth and so has been the withdrawals – always on time. Their support team is pretty responsive, always provides first-rate assistance. Great going!

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