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Jun 01 2016 at 06:20
2 posts
JerylTGunther posted:
ThomasLGriffin posted:
MXfour posted:
NO, This broker cannot allow scalping ..NOt work.

You are right Benington, they do not allow scalping. The trades must be open for 7 minutes! In the past it was 5 now its seven 😭

Hello Thomas,

You seem to be one of the few active traders in this forum. So may I ask you about the hedging policy with this broker. Until now I have a demo account with them and there I can do hedging. What about the live account?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help!

Hey Jeryl,

So regarding the hedging, you can do it but just with one account. So I guess I need to explain it a little for you :) So you can buy and sell the same good with the same volume in one account. You will have no problem. But If you have several accounts, you can not buy in one account and sell the same thing with same volume in another account. Otherwise you will have trouble!

Good luck!!!!

Jun 01 2016 at 06:20
2 posts
IrvingAWells posted:
Hello People!!!

I got a live account recently with this broker. I had some issue with the news trading. Honestly I did not read the user agreement carefully. Since its my fault I am ashamed to ask them about details. Can anybody explain me about the news trading policy?

Thank you! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

Obviously you didn't read it. It syas: 'Doing high-volume trades which require a leverage more than 1:100 before closing time of the market and important news (to take profit of probable market gaps as an abuse) is forbidden. Delinquent Client’s account will be blocked and his/her initial deposit will be refunded after 90 days.'

So simply don't use a leverage more than 100 at the release of the news or gaps and you will not have a problem. Just check the release out on the internet. Many sites publish the release.

Lucky trades man!

siberia01 (siberia01)
Jul 18 2016 at 07:01
5 posts
обыкновенные мошенники

когда будет сливать депо, их будет все устраивать

когда будете получать прибыль - они будут думать как ее у вас украсть!

насчет того что им отменяет банк - вранье!!!! иначе они отменяли бы максимум в течение 1-2 дней, а не нескольких месяцев

все деньги клиентов крутят внутри свой конторы и это называется кухня

у меня украли более 11000$ прибыли полученной в течение нескольких месяцев, абсолютно всю прибыль! не какие то отдельные сделки

аккаунт заблокировали, вернули первоначальный

не скальпинг, удержание сделок было более 7 минут

Удачи нам!
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