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Land-FX Review Scores

Overall score: 4.4 / 5

Total votes: 126
Customer service
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Land-FX Discussion

Grigori4fx (Grigori4fx)
Mar 24 at 14:06
1 posts
Having found multiple loops in my ex broker, I researched heavily for a strong and reliable fx broker. As I understood the gimmick of luring naïve traders with bonus, I was ready to forgo that thing (knowing that a genuine broker will help me earn more). I finally joined Land-fx and am happy with them.

Keep balancing to raft the best wave...
Irakli4Pahlava (Irakli4Pahlava)
Apr 13 at 05:25
1 posts
While looking for a good fx broker, I searched a bit on regulations and performance measures while being ready to forgo fake welcome bonus incentives. Land-fx beat all in the list even when I forgot about PAMM credits.

Vera2Bridgets (Vera2Bridgets)
Apr 26 at 12:45
1 posts
Land-fx offered me a promising stage for PAMM string. Their client-base is rich and the payout is easy as well.

Strike a perfect balance of life
Alina6akris (Alina6akris)
May 09 at 03:53
1 posts
Always wandered the twists and turns by which my ex-broker used to cheat me with. Land-fx drives me to the path of success. Kudos!

Frosya2back (Frosya2back)
May 30 at 03:47
1 posts
Every now & then I had to go to my broker's office and complain about the slippages, nobdoy cared and I suffered the most. Gone are those days. Land-fx reps came to my home for a minor doubt and there hasn't been any problems so far.

Pure victory, no harm.
peg2simons (peg2simons)
Jun 08 at 12:19
1 posts
Land-fx worked wonders when I was stuck in a pnademic-led lockdown and needed a faster withdrawal. Their trade execution speech is appreciable too.

Nothing is specific...
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