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Land-FX Review Scores

Overall score: 4.4 / 5

Total votes: 126
Customer service
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Land-FX Discussion

Isla_Davis (Isla_Davis)
Mar 30 2017 at 14:18
1 posts
Chose land-fx for their geo proximity to my office. Naturally was looking for a company with clear record - six month in trading and both market and land-fx are amazing to me. Fingers crossed!

Ian_Reyes (Ian_Reyes)
May 07 2017 at 06:24
1 posts
A regulatory status and a clear-cut refund policy were my main concerns when looking for fx broker in Philippines. Many claim to have license, negative balance protections and such and such, but when you sign up, you realise that your contract with some offshore operation.

Land-FX sales rep was able to clearly explain which regulation (FCA in my case) i was signing up for and how it applied to an overseas client like oneself. Here you go, very simple to win a client, unf many brokers operation in here don’t get it.

To be Filthy Rich
May 12 2017 at 14:00
1 posts
Very good broker to choose from. Great customer service, no problem with deposit and withdraw. Overall, no complain at all.

Luca_Romano (Luca_Romano)
Jun 02 2017 at 11:34
1 posts
Having traded with few brokers, I know about how their sales reps lure people with false promises and hide the truth beneath the carpet. Don't go with unregulated companies and pay a bit on top to tade witj likes of Lnad-fx - trusworthy, regulated and technically advanced.

Stan_Bakker (Stan_Bakker)
Aug 02 2017 at 07:14
1 posts
What if a SCAM broker, which you initially weren't aware of, runs away with your funds and don't respond to your communication? Moreover, use of force by you were also tamed and you have got nothing to do before they wrap-up everything in the midnight.

You don't have anything else to do than to regret choosing such broker. I had one such experience and since then I have been very cautious while selecting a Forex broker. However, it's been nearby a year with Land-FX and I'm still happy with them.

Like every other trader, to be rich.
Aug 20 2017 at 06:30
1 posts
Start on DEMO move towards REAL, unless you are for gamble (which isn't bad tbh :) but don't blame service provider for yoru incopetence. My results keep making me happy, so here i am returning a favour for the last fat withdrawal... :)

Sebastian7 (Sebastian7)
Sep 12 2017 at 14:40
1 posts
Solid MT4 support, never an issue getting a reply for noob questions i have every second day. Unlike some EU brokers, Land-FX still gives bonues, which is helpful at the start. Hope it won't cause my account to burn faster :)

Claus8 (Claus8)
Oct 18 2017 at 14:53
1 posts
I joined Land-FX through a friend of mine who suggested me to join them as I was mainly interested in security of my funds. However, I liked being with them since last eight month and have gained much more than I desired!

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Ryan7Smith (Ryan7Smith)
Oct 29 2017 at 08:19
1 posts
Sometimes Prime brokerage is not what you actually need. Since i got into Expert Adivsors and automated trading I'v changed a bunch of brokers (not many love high frequcne trading) and surprisingly Land-FX sticked and still allowing my experiments to be alive and kicking. Advise everyone who's looking for automated solutions.

Seba4Smidt (Seba4Smidt)
Nov 12 2017 at 07:38
2 posts
Not sure which brokers you guys choose, but trading with Asian-origin brokers is always a great pleasure. Seems like their culture has an impact on the way they always (at least in my experience) hold their word and go extra mile to help with stupid questions :)

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