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OctaFX Review Scores

Overall score: 3.3 / 5

Total votes: 79
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OctaFX Discussion

greencastle (greencastle)
Mar 16 2016 at 07:20
22 posts
Johny_Depp posted:
RoboExpert posted:
greencastle posted:
super posted:
who has trading account with the broker?

3 years using this broker, everything just fine..😄

i used 3 months 3 accounts - everywhere scamm and play with exeqution around spread
broker for accouints not more 50-100 $ deposit. After 100$ they will kill your depo anyway
so i think your depo was about that. Also there not possible to scalp - learn their stoopid rules

r you sure u can have 3 account from one real person? i'm not too sure you can have multiple accounts unless you're trying to cheat.
and as far as i know you can scalp too.

maybe he use arbitrage or something, we know that such strategy is not allowed in any forex broker.. Octafx is good for you if you deposit small amount like 100$ - $500, but you need to becareful if you have huge balance and try to do fast scalping very often below 1 minutes on every trades, if you do that they will kick you out..

experience is the best teacher, nothing else..
Apr 16 2016 at 17:03
1 posts
Always select a broker that pays instantly, I mean you will know if they cheat, as you won’t get paid instantly, so till they are honest, it is all instant. Octafx has instant money transactions system, so I am very secure with things and having instant payment is like guarantee type of stuff for me. I have been working with them for 2 years, I have 2 accounts one for scalping and other for long term (swapfree), I don’t make massive profits, but at least it is something I can be happy about.

MXfour (MXfour)
Jul 16 2016 at 11:23
20 posts
Best for scalping?

Aug 24 2016 at 08:45
1 posts
I have been trading with octafx for almost a year now and it's high time to share my review. I'll give you my experience, feelings, hopes and so on. Firstly, about what I don't like:
- spreads are above average (usually between 1.3 - 1.7 pips for EURUSD). It's not a broblem to find a broker with lower one`s. They promise better spreads on their ECN accounts, but I haven`t tried them.
- execution needs to be improved. I trade mostly on MT4 desktop platform and I have experienced connection interruptions.
Things I like about them:
- I use Skrill for deposits and withdrawals and I absolutely like the fact that withdrawals are automatically processed. It takes literary less than a minute to get the money from my trading account into my Skrill account.
Great amount of currencies, exotic either, usually brokers will allow you to have your account either in EUR, USD or GBP.
low deposit and withdrawal fees (for Skrill).
they allow any trading styles - from hedging to scalping.

If Octafx could improve execution and provide tighter spreads I think they would be on the tip of the iceberg, they have some really good features.

Jun 27 2017 at 09:49
6 posts
About one year ago, I tried OctaFx. My impressions were negative. They havent skrill wallet in EUR, so if you would to deposit your EUR account, you had to pay conversion fees to Skrill. Also, they told for a 50% bonus on all accounts, but when I opened an account with CTrader platform and asked my bonus, they told me that the bonus are only for MT4 accounts (In their promotion they wrote that bonus is applicable for ANY account). So, I decided to withdrawal all my money and got out from OctaFX
Fortunately, a few months ago they fixed both these problems. They create Skrill wallet in EUR, so the deposit in EUR account hasnt any conversion fee. And they give also the 50% bonus to CTrader accounts.
So, I decided to give a second try to them with a very little deposit.
But.. Unfortunately, I disappointed again. Although they give me the 50% bonus for my CTrader account deposit, they dont calculated correct the traded volume lots, that I have done!! (Only if you trade a min lot size, you can withdraw the bonus)
I contacted them about one week ago, and they told me that they will fix it. But they havent anything!
At least I have see a very scrap work. If you advertise a promotion, you MUST have do the corrrect work, and dont injustice your clients. There isnt any extenuation for that. I told them about their wrong calculation one week ago, and they havent fix anything.
No one trader can accept any inhonestly in broker that he is trading

kumaax (kumaax)
Feb 08 2020 at 10:35
1 posts
OCTAFX - Excellent all around offering

i think OCTAFX is the only broker which had fastest withdrawals and deposits and i totally love their website presentation and valuable services like copy trading, demo contests, 50% deposit bonuses, trade and win gifts, Status Program, IB Programs, top execution, low spreads and most important no dealing desk execution even for micro accounts and only problem is with slippage.

OctaFx is very good broker and I highly recommended to use this broker.

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