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One Trade Review Scores

Overall score: 3.2 / 5

Total votes: 24
Customer service
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One Trade Discussion

Sep 01 2015 at 12:01
5 posts

We do appreciate the client's concern here and are open to being transparent.

As a 100% STP (Agency model) broker we gain no benefit if clients lose money with us. So we always make sure our client have the best service, spread and market execution.

To enhance our liquidity depth even further, we were in the process of changing/adding over some liquidity providers and pools last night during the time of the FX rollover, which resulted in a trade requested by the client being executed at this level based due to technical problem.  We were aware of this issue immediately and acted quickly to make sure the systems were back to normal in less than 2 minutes. The account was compensated 100% for the loss taken and has been reverted to the same state it was in before the switch issue occurred.

The OneTrade Team

Sep 01 2015 at 11:40
4 posts
justradik posted:
They killed my account nonexistent price!!😡
08.31.2015 22:00 08.31.2015 22:00 EURUSD Buy 0.66 -389.10 - 1.16500 1.11800 -470.0 -3107.94 7s -472.70% -5.9400

I have seen that the spread was 65.5 pips there.
But I'm sure OneTrade help you if you tell them the problem.
It would interest me, which solution OneTrade offering, and whether they accommodating.

Sep 01 2015 at 09:58
8 posts
They killed my account nonexistent price!!😡
08.31.2015 22:00 08.31.2015 22:00 EURUSD Buy 0.66 -389.10 - 1.16500 1.11800 -470.0 -3107.94 7s -472.70% -5.9400


Aug 19 2015 at 06:10
2 posts
I this OneTrade is One of the best brokers in FX market, they have the fastest execution any trader wish for, along with a very very tight spread. As a trader it is all I ask for, add to that they are STP which I know for sure they are not trading against me. Also the performance page that is generated automatically to my account is so beneficial, I have now more 200 tool to analyze my trading history. 😄 😄 😄 😄

Aug 07 2015 at 15:25
4 posts
If you are looking for a trustworthy broker, One Trade is the right.
The service is really perfect.
The spread is one of the best on the market.
Depending on the volume of turnover, you can get better conditions.
The employees are very competent and very friendly.
Withdraw money on a Skrill account goes under an hour.
For me the best broker in the market and I am very satisfied with One Trade.
Please keep it up One Trade!!

Jul 14 2015 at 06:31
1 posts
the best speads low prince very very fast ordre no difference price sell or buy regulated one second is green nive support based in uk thanx you for this 😄

Jun 23 2015 at 08:05
14 posts
I just started to work with ONE TRADE.

For now my judgment is an EXCELLENT broker.

Great feed, very low spreads, slippage very contained

It is a very professional broker for professionals

I hope to confirm my judgment during time :)

Jun 20 2015 at 10:54
1 posts
very happy with the speed of execution and the pricing....the webtrader is very functional, giving you an institutional feel on the trading.

Jun 19 2015 at 13:13
1 posts
A new broker that looks quite promising with good offers.

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