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TradeFort Discussion

Jul 05 2014 at 20:31
7 posts
hekyhector posted:

I´d like to share my friends experience with Tradefort. My friend told my he traded with Tradefort for several months and he had no problem. Then he wanted to withdraw his money from both of his accounts but the withdrowal wasn´t made and the money were sent back to his Tradefort accounts. Few days later my friend found out that the money were sent back and there were two trades that he couldn´t made becouse he deleted metatrader from vps when he wanted to withdraw the money. A few days later, was due to the large spread widening the margin call and closure of both positions. In my opinion this indicates some hacking into the system but Tradefort rejected this. Tradefort also reject any fault and my friend couldn´t make this mistake. Due to the problem my friend lost about 15 000 USD. I´d like to warn you that this can happen to you when you trade with Tradefort.

How about an explanation Tradefort? I was thinking of using you, but this sounds like the usual scam of a scam broker to steal traders funds.😂😡

ddr555 (ddr555)
Nov 28 2014 at 12:17
176 posts
Thanks for your feedback. I was about to open an account with them but now I am thinking not to open account with them. This type of problem happed to me with FXCH broker so be careful about that scam broker.

Be Vegan, Make Peace
Staff (Staff)
Feb 16 2015 at 12:53
1389 posts
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