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Kangaroo EA Review Scores

Overall score: 2.8 / 5

Total votes: 71
Ease of use
Customer service
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Kangaroo EA Discussion

TulipFX (TulipFX)
Feb 10 2012 at 11:59
34 posts

   markwilson posted:

If you were a previous subscriber to the Kangaroo EA, lost money with it, and thought maybe the discontinuation of the monthly subscription would perhaps entitle you to trade it again, DON'T.

Don't even bother sending an email asking about it. Never mind you paid around $200 initially, then maybe lost a couple/three months subscription fees on it. Not counting how much principal you lost on top of that.

They won't bother answering it.

Very professional approach Ozzie, Dutch.

Sorry to state this, but that's utter nonsense. Like all other customers, your account has been extended automatically and valid until 2038. We've just checked and your license is still valid. Just make sure it's applied to the correct account number, or change the account number via the link on our forum at That's where you can also get support and get decent responses to your issues.


TulipFX (TulipFX)
Feb 10 2012 at 12:03
34 posts

   HighScore posted:
   Ozzie / Dutch,
I just found this site. Why is there such a disparity between your Collective FX page (currently +114% gain) and your FXOpen page (-27% gain) as of today?

We don't have an FXOPEN account, so not sure where you got this info.

We do know some people use the micro account at FXOPEN. We strongly advise against using such/similar accounts. As stated on our blogposts and on the user forum, brokers with low tick frequency will not perform optimally and may lead to losses. We've investigated a lot of brokers and our recommendations can be found on our website, forum and in the latest manual.

For example, read this blogpost for enlightenment:

Also, to track our performance, stay up to date with updates and new releases, check our page on Facebook (and get an instant 15% discount!):

Cheers :)

May 09 2012 at 06:32
3 posts
I run this on both a live and demo accounts and am very happy with the support and consistant results of this EA, slow and steady profits, with excellent recovery. the only thing I don't like is the recent max lot sizing, but I fully understand their reasons behind it.

Jun 10 2012 at 13:44
248 posts

   Cerebellum posted:
andromeda1 posted:
    this ea looks dangerous, always look only on live account results...

Trading is dangerous. I t is all a question of optimizing by reducing your risk and increasing your profits.

Please feel free to look at my Kangaroo live real account by clicking my name.

And how does your account look like? From what I can see, you should be careful of labeling others as 'dangerous'.

today you will not say it is not dangerous.
I looked at your account. this EA blow up your account, two account, right?

Always Risk Management First, Then Grow The Profit!
MoneyFountain1 (MoneyFountain1)
Jun 23 2012 at 15:55
57 posts
If you take a look at the trade history, the losing trades were not Kangaroo Trades. K EA ONLY trades EURUSD and AUDUSD - on both of Cerebellum's account, you will notice some disproportionate USDNOK and EURUSD trades.

I do use the K EA, and more importantly seek and follow advise on the well supported forums. The creators are very active in supporting their clients, and regularly give advise on when it is best to shut down the EA.

While I do not claim that the K EA has not hit SL and caused some delays in progress.
Note how I said delays in progress, since it has always recovered from a reasonable setting loss.
Advise on what is a reasonable setting can also be found on the forum.

Please have the courtesy of checking the trades before you make such statements.

Thank you, and I am NOT affiliated with K-EA accept that I am a client - a happy one.
Mind you, I did suffer a SL the very first time I started using the EA live - so I do know how that feels too!!!

Good luck

   craneliu posted:
today you will not say it is not dangerous.
I looked at your account. this EA blow up your account, two account, right?

All things come to those who wait.
Jun 27 2012 at 05:44
248 posts
HI Kasuko,

did you restart Kangroo EA in your account on myfxbook again?

Good luck!

Always Risk Management First, Then Grow The Profit!
MoneyFountain1 (MoneyFountain1)
Jun 27 2012 at 14:27
57 posts
I had not stopped using it since I went live last year, in spite of the opening DD on my account.
Of course, I pay attention to the advise on the support forum on when to reduce risk or stop the EA to avoid extreme
market conditions.

   craneliu posted:
   HI Kasuko,

did you restart Kangroo EA in your account on myfxbook again?

Good luck!

All things come to those who wait.
Sep 12 2012 at 07:02
202 posts
YES this EA has a very nice Myfxbook curve
YES a lot of people run it and are happy with it
YES they raised the price from 150 to 250 and now 450usd
YES they have excellent support


I don't like how it goes against the trend, averaging.
It is not martingal, but it is almost the same. Just instead of loosing your whole account you loose a big part of it.
I don't like the risk reward. Each time a trade is opened, on a 5% per month basis, you risk 18% of your account.

But yes, their Myfxbook is stunning, and their customers are very happy, so probably I am wrong.

Sep 22 2012 at 17:16
6 posts
TulipFX posted:
Hi Gerald,

Thank you for taking the time to look at the KangarooEA. We have voted once for our product. Our vote was:

Profitability 5/10
Ease of use 10/10
Pricing 7/10
Customer Service 10/10

I think that is an honest appraisal of how we view ourselves. Other then that other people have voted on the EA.

As for results:

Here are our official accounts: (7+ month history) (4+ month history)

We have also recently added in 12 other brokers so users can watch their performance. They have not been running long though.

Some other accounts which we have noticed running KangarooEA are:

There are others we know of but are on other reporting sites. If you do an internet search you will probably find them. There are a number of independent forward tests occurring including on DonnaForex.

In addition to that information listed above we have a Whitepaper on our website ( going through full details of the KangarooEA including expected return statistics and the trading logic.

There are also full and complete 99% backtests available via a link in the Whitepaper.

I hope all this information is of use to you in deciding if the KangarooEA is suitable to include in your portfolio.

Regards and green pips,

Ozzie @ TulipFX

Seriously... no offence but voting for yourself is suspicious and this act alone has put me off your EA.

TulipFX (TulipFX)
Sep 22 2012 at 21:05
34 posts
You are naive to think that EA developers do not 'game' polls such as this (not just voting for themselves, but creating many accounts to vote over + over). We gave a single honest rating on how we view ourselves. Take from that what you will. The performance speaks for itself.

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