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Jun 15 2018 at 00:46
20 posts
Joshdean posted:
Most signals seem to fail at some stage. They trade very well for years, no massive drawdown, no martingale, no risky trades, making really good profit, and stating in their profiles things like 'all trades manually executed watched. Money management capped at 2% loss per trade', but eventually, all of the accounts have a set of massive losses wiping out their entire accounts. I subscribed to one account that had made 1.5 million Euro in over 2 years, he seemed to be doing everything perfectly with the biggest loss in that time about 7% of his account. I copied him for a couple months and he was trading reasonably well, no massive positions, no risky trades and would cut losses before they ran. Then in a 4 hour period he lost 90% of his account. 2 years to build, 4 hours to lose. Ive tried diversifying, having up to 12 different signals at one point, but no matter how much you make, your account cant sustain a 100% loss every couple weeks even if a signal has about 10% of your account. make 5% lose 10% and so on. If you have a smaller account you will have to increase that 10% just to cover subscription costs, so a 100% loss will inevitably cost you a lot more of your account. Yes there are features to micro manage subscriptions but they don't give you enough control but that doesn't help the underlying problem, the signals themselves are unreliable, there is also no way to contact the signal providers. My account is currently sitting at -71% over a 6 month period. Manual trading is definitely the way to go.

I agree with what Joshdean's above said. I ever worked as a signal provider and fund manager for a couple of years with several years proven trading records. I understand how trading as a fund manager may ruin a profitable trader psychologically especially when the trader is trading alone. When trading his own fund, he can wait until the best trading signals no matter how rare the signal is. However, there are many factor's may affect traders' psychology such as investor's requirements, family affairs (trading as a living source), and the idea to make consistent profits while making good profits all the time. Usually a professional fund also has bad days when market is not favorable, this should be the same for a private trader, but if a trader has such stupid burden in mind like making consistent profits with high return always and meet all investors requirements each months, he will fail one day just because he is not a robot.

After my failure, I realized to understand its advantages and disadvantages in all aspects, a strategy must pass back-test. After coding and testing for several months, I now totally convinced Robot EA (or as a reference) works much better than manual trading. It can give a general entry condition, better trading size plan and the very important consistent exit plan (this can be several exit plans which works for all cases including optimized stoploss instead of just one or two plans by manual trading which may not work for all cases). a good Robot EA is just like someone is doing math exam with a calculator or computer while manual trading only has one head. All in all, my suggestion to private trader who is going to trading as a fund manager is 1. trade with a parner, 2. do back-test, 3. use EA as assistant trading. Wish all happy trading.


Jun 15 2018 at 01:25
20 posts
Full backtest should be done for all major pairs/cross pairs and for 10-20 years with low drawdown and consistent profits as strategy should be able to work for or avoid large drawdown cases.

Jun 17 2018 at 14:21
1 posts
Jun 18 2018 at 14:43
3 posts
good signals... easy to use website.

Jun 20 2018 at 14:46
1 posts
It would be better if there could be 2-3 video clips explaining how to subscribe to signals as a subscriber etc
+ mixing multiple signals with different ratios (when option comes)
Rest wonderful

Jun 20 2018 at 14:49
1 posts
Muito bom serviço de sinais e análise de contas

gustavox (gustavox)
Jun 21 2018 at 10:24
2 posts
A few words about the best signals service ;)

O tempo irá passar de qualquer forma.
baalawin (baalawin)
Jun 22 2018 at 07:00
2 posts
Hi, I agree with you, but there is surely something to do with this behavior by the signaling processor. The lack of transparency or lack of communication may reduce the incentive to continue and get good results. I think there's something

baalawin (baalawin)
Jun 22 2018 at 07:23
2 posts
Hello, dear friend, you need to contact this company to sign up for the company and help with it. To get to know my system, you will soon be sending a fuller description of the system to all consumers. In general, you should know that these transactions are based on There are several full time runs, so for each time, a special dialing frame is considered, and in the aggregate there will be a portfolio, which should have a good profit at the end of each month.

Jun 22 2018 at 07:24
1 posts
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