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ZuluTrade Review Scores

Overall score: 2.7 / 5

Total votes: 140
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ZuluTrade Discussion

Nova Trader (JuanDavidV)
Feb 27 2013 at 07:26
13 posts
I really love ZuluTrade, I have made a lot of money with it, without having to worry about trading at all.

Remember you can always start with a Demo account.

Never forget that as with all Forex system, money management is a must! Keep a reasonable and safe lot size!

Plan for the worst and hope for the best - Check my PAMM Account!
fxrussia (avatar)
Sep 13 2017 at 17:51
72 posts
i just stoped zulu ... the guard function is just taking out all the fun

Vitaliy Maznev (vitaliymaznev777)
Nov 26 2020 at 12:15
5 posts
I spent with Zulutrade about 10 years as affiliate and a trader. This year I have reached the minimum amount for payout first time. And Zulutrade has declined my first earnings due the 700 points rule. I need to say that the main essence of the situation is not that I was fined, but that with one click someone crossed out all the accumulated funds. Not only for a specific month, or for specific trading positions, but absolutely all the funds that I have collected on this account since the moment it joined ZuluTrade.

I wrote to trader department and talked to manager. He said that the 700 points rule will be canceled in few days for traders with live forex accounts. But month passed... and Zulutrade declined all my funds second time. Do I need to say that this was done on the basis of the same open trading positions, for which all my savings were destroyed the previous time?

And what do you think, all these (so far) about 1000 dollars of commissions were paid back to the users who paid for them, or Zulutrade kept them for themselves, taking them from the users and not paying the trader? Can it be called a fraud in this case, or what is it called? However, they still take commissions from followers for my work. And I can suspend (not delete) my Zulutrade account only when all orders on the account are closed.

The questions to Zulutrade:

1) If You decline all my current, past and future earnings, why can't i suspend opening the new trade positions and wait when the old positions (for which you decline all my earnings) will be closed, and i can deactivate my account?

2) If you decline trader's earnings, why don't you pay back those comission to the followers?

3) I don't even ask you why do you decline all the accumulated funds but not a part of them for the specific trade positions. But the question is: where's the common sense?

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