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Jan 20 at 11:39
147 комментариев
Btc can never die. It is most volatile.

Jan 30 at 18:36
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Feb 02 at 22:53
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Feb 04 at 19:50
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Gracewilson1995 posted:
Btc can never die. It is most volatile.

I definitely agree mate. Will be around Forever is. Y guess

Feb 08 at 10:36
20 комментариев
Not at all! It seems to have a bright future and isn’t so dead yet.

Mar 09 at 05:05
35 комментариев
That is not the case with bitcoin right now. Why would you think that?

Mar 17 at 03:41
13 комментариев
I don’t think it is dead yet. The value of bitcoin is increasing for a long time and it is certainly not dead.

Mar 25 at 10:25
16 комментариев
The last I checked, it was not dead at all. Why would you think that?

Apr 08 at 05:27
14 комментариев
It is not dead and I think you must be confusing it with something else.

Apr 08 at 10:41
13 комментариев
BTC will never die, It's just getting stronger

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