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My Favourite pairs

May 14 at 08:50
38 комментариев
EURUSD is the one that I like to trade. The volatility is just tamed as compared to other pairs.

Jun 08 at 07:18
23 комментариев
From what i see from this thread, most of us are Eurusd lovers or basically like sticking to majors. What are some minor pairs worth adding to the list? Anyone?

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jun 17 at 07:46
187 комментариев
EUR USD is the favourite pair of most of the traders because EUR USD is the most traded pair and highly liquid market, chances of sudden price fluctuation is very less.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jun 21 at 07:25
238 комментариев
EURUSD i believe is loved because there is always enough liquidity and is less volatile. So people use it and it becomes more liquid.

Jun 21 at 09:13
20 комментариев
I love EUR/USD because of it is most active pair in the forex market. I can trade with this trading pair confidently. Sometimes I also trade some exotic pairs, when I find a good opportunity.

Jun 23 at 10:56
326 комментариев
I think EURUSD is the best pair. The momentum of this pair is much better.

Jun 29 at 06:55
330 комментариев
lavis_book posted:
EURUSD is the one that I like to trade. The volatility is just tamed as compared to other pairs.

I also like EURUSD. It is the most reliable pair.

Jul 05 at 15:26
27 комментариев
My favourite pair is EURUSD because it is highly volatile, and using a suitable broker with it can bring in consistent profits.

I use FP Markets to trade high volatile pairs like EURUSD and JPYUSD because the spreads are stable and consistent even when the market movement is highly volatile.

Jul 07 at 13:53
27 комментариев
Mainly I trade with JPYUSD or EURUSD, but any major pair is my favourite because of their volatility.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Jul 14 at 11:10
87 комментариев
Trade the pair that is the most clear for you, that you are able to understand faster and more properly. Change your set of instruments depending on the market activity.

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