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Обратно к контактам
Jun 26 at 17:11
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RobSchiz posted:
I only prefer eurusd, gbpusd. Those two are the best option for me.

Yes, I think so too. Major pairs should be traded. Major pairs are much safer to trade.

Jun 27 at 17:58
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New traders should avoid those pairs to trade.

Jun 28 at 16:08
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'I currently trade with FP markets using major currency pairs like EURUSD, and their spreads began at an average of 0.0 pips for most parts of the trade.

Will the spreads began at the same rate when trading with exotic pairs as well?

Jul 02 at 06:41
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As for me, exotic goods are traded by professionals who want to try something new

Aug 05 at 13:26
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New trader should not go for exotic pair. They are so unpredictable and move a lot. One movement against your trade is enough for margin call.

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